Who is Jake Boys? 5 things you need to know about YouTube’s latest star

You can always rely on us here at MP! to shout about the newest talent in the world of pop culture. At the moment, we’ve got our peepers fixed on YouTuber Jake Boys, who caught our attention when he made a vid all about loving One Direction. A Boy(s) after our own heart! So, who is he, what’s he about and why should you be interested? Allow us to enlighten you.

1) He makes videos because he has no friends. We’re not being mean, we’re just quoting his Twitter bio! However, 124,000 Twitter followers and over 30,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel would say otherwise. We don’t believe for a minute he’s a Billy-no-mates!

2) He is a REALLY big One Direction fan. So much so, that he felt the need to make a video all about why hating on the 1D boys is pointless. Watch below.

3) Like many YouTubers, he’s partial to a prank or a challenge. He’s done the Accent Challenge and, in the name of entertainment, put a condom over his head and drunk salad cream. Yep, really.

4) In yet more One Direction-themed merriment, he went around accosting the public by singing ‘Little Things’ at them with a Harry Styles mask on. It’s quite funny.

5) He’s happy to share his secrets with any aspiring YouTuber, and – you’ve guessed it – he’s made a video about just that. If you’re thinking of trying your hand at Internet fame, you might want to give this a watch – he shares some helpful tips and websites that could help to get you started.

So, whaddya think, MP!ers? If you want to see more of what Jake gets up to, check out his channel.

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