The Janoskins

You’re looking for facts about Jai from The Janoskians:

  • Jai’s full name is Jai Domenic Matthew Brooks [source]
  • Jai is 19 and his birthday is May the 3rd, 1995  [source]
  • His star-sign is Taurus
  • Jai has two siblings, his older brother is band mate Beau. He also has another brother who is his twin, Luke. [source]
  • Jai is 5’6 tall. [source]
  • Jai’s Twitter account is @JaiBrooks1
  • Jai’s Instagram account is jaibrooks95
  • Jai hates being a twin
  • Jai says he had his first crush in Kinder Garten
  • Jai is very competitive and hates losing
  • ai wants a girl with nice eyes and a nice smile
  • If Jai had 3 wishes he would stay the same age forever, go to space and be able to sing better
  • Jai’s fave movie is ‘Step Brothers’
  • Jai  is a massive fan of Justin Bieber
  • Jai’s favourite member of One Direction is Louis Tomlinson
  • Jai has previously dated young America popstar Ariana Grande
  • Jai is left handed and right footed

Today you learnt about Jai from The Janoskians.


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