Jahmene Douglas isn’t a diva, texts Nicole Bible inscriptions. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. With such a MAHOOSIVE voice like his, you’d think the jahmazing Jahmene Douglas would be a bit of a diva, wouldn’t you? Well my friends, you thought wrong…

Top Of The Pops magazine caught up with the X Factor runner-up to find out whether he’s a “superstar or super-normal” (clever, right?) and the verdict is in… Jahmene is actually super-normal.

In the interview Jahmene revealed that he always cooks dinner himself (especially if he’s with his mum, aww!), he sometimes buys his clothes from Oxfam, he doesn’t like dressing gowns – or “housecoats” as he calls them – and his bins used to get collected on a Tuesday, how fascinating!

Jahmene did show off a bit of his superstar side though, telling the magazine that he has a taxi account so he doesn’t have to get the tube, he gets CDs that he wants for free from his manager (jel!), he steams his clothes because he can’t stand irons, he once purchased a glass dome with a jellyfish in but won’t let on to how much it costs, and he buys his mum face cream with caviar in! We’re not sure why either.

The biggest piece of news, however, came from the fact that Jahmene is still in contact with his X Factor mentor Nicole Scherzinger… and what do they text about? Only the Bible! “We text each other Bible inscriptions a lot. When I got to No1 with my album, she texted, ‘Oh well done, my little lamb chop!”

It’s nice to know that fame doesn’t change everybody, isn’t it? POP BITS OUT.

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