Jahmene tries to Fix You!

Jahmene Douglas has returned with an album chock-a-block of jah-mazing covers and even more schamazing vocals! One of our favourites has to be his rendition of ‘Fix You’. And to commemorate our love for ‘Fix You’ we met up with Jahmene to see if he could fix any of your problems. Here’s how it went down:

Dear Doctor Douglas,

I’m a shy but talented singer from a big musical family. I love to perform, but every time I’m about to go for a big glory note, my much older sister snatches my microphone away. Have you ever had a similar experience, and if so what advice can you give?- Sean, Portsmouth

Dear Sean,

Always remain humble because your time will come… if you is good enough. Never lower yourself down to being a limelight grabber.


Dear Doctor Douglas

I’ve been working at a well-known national supermarket for many years. I work on the meat counter, but I really want to progress to the checkouts. How can I realise this dream?- Joe, Newcastle

Dear Joe,

Ask your manager, prove yourself and just check things out.


Dear Doctor Douglas

I’m not a great singer, but I love to be on the stage. Unfortunately I have a really grumpy music teacher who only ever gives me negative feedback. How can I make him like me?- Tantastic, Essex

Dear Tanatastic,

Sing to someone else! But definitely don’t sleep with him. Maybe, take up the violin? Or ask your music teacher for more lessons and say “If you so good, teach me!”.


Dear Doctor Douglas,

I’ve been a judge on a popular talent show for over ten years, but I always seem to get lumbered with the rubbish categories, so my acts never win. How can I get my colleagues to start taking me seriously?- Little Louis, Dublin.

Dear Little Louis,

I think that’s quite mean that you called them the rubbish category. That is all.


Dear Doctor Douglas,

I can’t take this any more. I only joined this show to discover staggeringly talented singer-songwriters like myself, and every year I have to sit and watch as they’re overshadowed by gurning clowns like my former band mate Robbie. How can I get my colleagues to start taking this show more seriously?- Gary Barlow OBE, Ivor Novello Winner and writer of ‘Back For Good’

Dear Gary,

Take That weren’t very serious, were they? Wear a tutu is my advice. A pink one. With yellow bits and jelly babies hanging off it.


Errm… remind us to not go to Jahmene if we have any serious problems. But we will go to him if we need vocal advice or to listen to some awesome powerhouse vocals.

Check out Jahmene’s acoustic cover of ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. A studio version of the track will feature on his brand spanking new album ‘Love Never Fails’ which is out in shops and online music stores on the 22nd of July.


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