MP! Exclusive: Jade Thirlwall tells us about USA Pro, Sudoku, and stage nerves

As you’ve probably heard, the ladies of Little Mix are teaming up with USA Pro to bring you the best and cutest in athletic wear. Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Ann, and Jade each gave us some insight on how they feel about staying fit, dealing with criticism, New Year’s resolutions, and more. Here’s what Jade had to say.

USA Pro Little Mix

What are your five favourite pieces from the new range?

The black sports bra, I like the purple trainers, I like the grey ¾ leggings, and the purple set as well.

What are your top five ways to stay motivated?

Knowing that I have to perform, I need the stamina.  Listening to music to keep us going.  Having a target is always good, so you’ve got a goal to reach.

What are your top songs on your workout playlist?

I like a song called ‘Infinity’ that I work out to, I like when you’ve got a banger so you can do it in time with the music.

What is your fitness secret?

I try to make sure every day that I do squats and sit ups.

If you had 15 mins a day to do some exercise, what would you do?

Again, sit ups and squats.

What are you looking forward to the most about designing your own range with us?

Personally for me, I struggle to find gym wear that fits a small chest, I think it’s really hard to find things that fit well, so I’m excited to make things that people my size would be able to wear.  

What should the public expect to see in your new range?

Things that suit my shape, I try to create things that I think are missing something at the moment.

What is it like being part of a girl group and what challenges have you had to face that you wouldn’t of expected?

Being in a girl group is a lot more fun than being on your own, they always keep me laughing.  A challenge we’ve had to face is taking turns to wake up early, who gets the 5am call.  

Being the only group to have won the X Factor, you shot to fame overnight. With the youth of the world dreaming of fame and success like your own, what advice would you give to young people about what it takes to be famous?

For me, a few years ago, I never actually wanted to be famous, I just wanted to be a singer, I never imagined that I would win the X Factor, I just turned up and hoped for the best.  So, I think it’s really hard for a young person to prepare themselves for the level of fame that we have, I would advise anyone that young that wants to be famous, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, have a purpose behind it.

Out of all your music today which is your fave?

I really love ‘Black Magic‘, I feel like in the test of time people will remember ‘Black Magic’ and think of Little Mix.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Yes, I get really bad stage nerves, so I always do techniques to calm my nerves before I go on stage, and the four of us listen to hype music before we go on and we all get in a little huddle with our team, we do a little speech, a cheer, and get everyone pumped.

What’s your best motivational quote?

“No day like today.” It means a lot to us anyway, it is what it says, if you want something doing, and then you’ll do it today.

Do you have any mentors that keep you on track with life, music and your band?

Each other, we keep each other grounded, we make each other feel confident about one another.

Favourite holiday destination?

Probably just going home! That’s what I always look forward to when I’ve got time off, is going up north back home.  I can just relax, walk around and be myself and just be normal for a few days.  

Do you have any strange hobbies?

I really enjoy Sudoku.  When I’m just sitting, chilling, I always have a Sudoku book.  And I like baking cakes.  

Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?

Probably Beyoncé, because I would just sit her down and be like, tell me everything, how do you do it, let me be you.  

What will be your New Year’s resolution?

To start playing the piano again.  To get even fitter because we’ve got the tour coming up and I will need to have good stamina for that, and to learn Arabic.

What are your top places to work out?

In the comfort of my own home. I’ve got a gym around the corner from me which is really nice because it has a nice view, it overlooks the river and motivates you more.  When it’s sunny it’s also nice to work out in a park or something.  

Which celebrity do you look up to for fitness inspiration?

My friend actually, who is a fashion blogger called Danielle Peazer.  She does fitness videos on YouTube. She’s really good, she does like 5 minute clips, it’s not too long, she’s really good for helping you get toned and keep fit.

If you could choose anywhere, where would you go for a health retreat?

It’s a bit farfetched, but my man and I went to Dubai, in January, so I would go on holiday somewhere I can relax and eat healthy, somewhere you can cleanse a bit.  There’s beautiful one off spas in Dubai, I think it’s good to go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go because you make more of an effort to travel there.

And what would be at the top of your list of things to do whilst you were there?

I always love getting a sports massage, because we are always on the go all the time, especially with travelling and stuff.

Out of all the USA Products, which would be a must for you for a dance rehearsal?

I would say the shoes, because they’re flexible, easy to move around in, not too heavy on your feet.

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