Jade Thirlwall reveals her past life of crime. You won’t believe what she stole.


Jade Thirlwall, 23, has been arrested on suspicion of theft.

Okay, not quite…

Jade Thirlwall, one beautiful quarter of Little Mix, is known for being smart, funny and a total cutie.  So what’s the problem?

‘The X Factor’ organised a hotel for the girls to stay in during the live shows, to make sure they would be able to rehearse together.  In an interview with ‘The Guardian,’ Jesy revealed that Jade stole, yes stole, a LAMB SHANK.

Of all things you could steal, why a lamb shank?!  We’re just imagining her creeping to the hotel restaurant, putting one in her swag bag and running off into the night to enjoy a feast.  Anyone else?

During the ‘X Factor’ live shows, the girls were still getting used to their new life of luxury, and didn’t quite understand what they were and weren’t entitled to for free.  Lamb shanks clearly weren’t part of the deal, soz Jade…

Don’t worry though girl, we know you didn’t mean it.  You still cute.

What do you think of Jade’s antics? We didn’t know she had it in her! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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