Jade Thirlwall has recorded a video message for a fan suffering from Leukaemia and it’s truly heartwarming

This is what being a pop star is all about

Jade is, was and will always be our queen and today she proved why.

Back on 29th December the BBC reported that people at a school in the Isle of Man had started a Facebook campaign, ‘Contact Little Mix for Liv‘, to try to get the girls to send a “get well” message to Olivia Watling. The 15 year old was admitted to hospital over the festive period with Leukaemia – a cancer of the white blood cells and bone marrow. Read the full symptoms here.

“This group is created to contact Little Mix as there is one girl who is battling leukaemia and absolutely loves little Mix. She has been admitted to hospital over the Christmas period. She is currently sedated as she is in so much pain. Her liver isn’t working properly and is causing her so much pain that she has been having seizures hence why she has been sedated to prevent her from harming herself. Please share to make her wish come true. Little Mix if you are out there please make Olivia happy by sending her a message. Share share share”

And wouldn’t you know it Jady has gone and done it!

Can you believe that no-one has ever noticed that Perrie looks exactly like this famous pop star?

QUIZ: Which Fifth Harmony or Little Mix girl is your alter ego based on your favourite nail design?

Jade shade! Little Mix star ends Zayn in the most hilarious way possible! 

This is quite possibly the cutest thing ever and it proves why Little Mix are such good role models. They use their celebrity power to make others happy and Jade truly has made all Olivia’s dreams come true.

Sure, we’re slightly jealous, but we’re also so happy for her and proud of Jade for being so amazing.

Watch Jade’s video to Olivia by clicking on this image below:

Which Mixer girl do you think will be next to send a message? Let us know using the comments box below.

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