Jadesy anybody? We chat to Little Mix’s Jade and Jesy about ‘Black Magic’, willies and Little Mix shrines.

It takes a lot for us to turn down our music but when the phone rang and Jesy and Jade from Little Mix were on the other end asking if we fancied a chat, we decided it was more than enough reason to press pause on MP! Towers’ sound system, which has had ‘Black Magic’ on repeat since it’s release. In our lovely lil’ chat with #Jadesy we chat about the new single, Thorpe Park’s Island Beats and we even manage to fit in a bit of penis talk. High brow music journalism at it’s finest.


It’s exciting because, we know you haven’t been away but we feel like Little Mix are back. Is that fair to say?

Jesy: Yeah! We’ve been away for a little while writing our third album and now we’re back with the brand new single ‘Black Magic’ and we’re just really excited for everyone to hear the new album.

Good, it’s exciting! ‘Black Magic’ is a tune and the video is cool as well where you guys all play nerds for the beginning bit. How easy or hard was it to channel your inner nerd for the video?

Jesy: We all like acting so it was really fun, we’re all quite nerdy anyway. It was cool. It was good fun.


Did you feel a little bit like you were in Harry Potter with the spells and stuff?

Jesy: Yeah!

‘Black Magic’ is the first single from the new album. Is that a good reflection of the rest of the album would you say? 

Jesy: Yeah, I would say so. It’s very much a pop album, it’s really fun and it’s very different to ‘Salute’. I feel like ‘Salute’ was very 90s and quite R’n’B but this one’s only pop and very fun. It’s just a bit more cheeky.

Can you tell us anything else about the new album? Is ‘Black Magic’ your favourite track on it or is something else coming that you like more?

Jesy: I’ve got more that are my favourites. I love ‘Black Magic’ but there are a few more on there that I really love.

We read recently that there might be a Little Mix movie coming soon, is that true?

Jade: Ooh, well we’d love one! This is the first we’ve heard of it but we love acting and I just think if we did a film it’d be really good.

Would it be Spice Girls-styled do you reckon?

Jade: Yeah!

You’d have to get a big bus and everything, do it all properly.

Jade: Yeah, we’d all have to be acting and get loads of famous faces in it.


Let’s talk a bit about Thorpe Park Island Beats as well. You’ll be performing on 17th July. As venues go, a theme park’s pretty good, right?

Jade: Yeah, it’s always great at those kind of places. The crowd’s always massive and you get to go on the rides for free so everyone’s a winner.

What are you girls like on rides? Are you into them? Do you go all out?

Jade: Jesy and Leigh-Anne are really good on big rides but me and Perrie are the wimps. We only go on the baby ones.

Oh really? Will Jesy and Leigh-Anne force you onto the rides?

Jade: Yeah, I usually get forced on in the end.

What ride are you most scared of?

Jade: I don’t like big drops. I don’t like the feeling in your belly.

So Stealth’s probably not for you then…

Jade: (actually sounding quite panicked) No, absolutely not! No Way!

If you had to create the rollercoaster of your worst nightmares, what would it be like? Talk us through it…

Jade: It would literally be the biggest drop in the world, it would have a million loops, it would be in the dark, and there’d be a clown laughing in the background.


Wow, that actually does sound really scary. Tell us a bit about your set, what can we be expecting if we go and see Little Mix at Thorpe Park?

Jade: We just like putting on a show and there’ll be a lot of dancing, getting the crowd involved, some big hits and of course we’ll be singing ‘Black Magic’ so it’s going to be a party.

Will there be any other new tracks from the album?

Jade: Possibly…

Who are your best mates who are also performing at Island Beats?

Jade: We’re friends with a lot of them. Ella Eyre, The Vamps, Rizzle Kicks, of course we like a bit of Rixton, don’t we Jesy?

Jesy makes a lovely weird purring/shrieking/we’re-not-too-sure-what-it-is sound.


Jade: Yeah, Ella Eyre’s really cool too so it’ll be great to hang out with her.

We’ve got a couple of fan questions now so Keira asks ‘When was the last time the girls properly made you laugh?’

Jade: Yesterday, we had like a day of interviews and by the end of it we all get delirious and start laughing over the most stupid things. We get really rude after a while and we start talking about willies and stuff and then start laughing. It happens on a daily basis.

What’s a day without a bit of willy chat?

Jade: Exactly.

Scotty asks ‘Did you take any souvenirs from the Black Magic video shoot?’

Jade: Well I am from up North so I always like a freebie. I am quite known for that, I’m always the one that steals the dressing gown so from ‘Black Magic’ I managed to grab my outfit. What else did I take? I would have taken something, I always do. My flat’s like a shrine to everything Little Mix, I’m a big hoarder.

Is there a room in your flat that’s just full of stuff from video shoots?

Jade: Actually when I’m really rich I want a big house with a room full of Little Mix stuff but at the moment I’ve only got a little flat so the whole place is just a shrine.

‘Black Magic’ is released July 10. Little Mix play Thorpe Park Island Beats on July 17. Tickets available here.


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