Jade Thirlwall wore a dress back to front all day – naturally, we did the same

Fashion blunder 101 or absolute SLAYAGE?

Honestly gaiz, you’ve gotta love Jade from Little Mix. Last week she made the biggest fashion blunder, and, being the babetastic angel we all know her to be, dealt with it like an absolute pro.

Not all heroes wear capes, guys. Some of them wear back to front dresses. LEL.

Hmmmm I’m not sure we can call this work 🙈

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The whole hoo-ha took place after this Insta vid of the girls emerged online. Looks pretty normal, right? Jesy looks full on *fire emoji* in that gorgeous crop top. We’re green with envy over Leigh-Anne’s hair.

As for Perrie, well… OMG, where the hell did you get that leather pinafore from?! LUSH. Jade also looks super pretty too – the pink shade of her dress is stunning. CAN’T. GET. ENOUGH.

That said, if you look a little closer, you’ll begin to realise what she’s done wrong. You see the zip at the top? It’s not supposed to be there, she’s wearing the dress back to front. OH BABY.

Eeek! Guys, this is the kind of stuff we have nightmares about.

It was a Twitter user who pointed the blunder out to her. Having found the dress on ASOS, she screen grabbed it and tweeted it out for the world to see. 

Of course, Jade handled it in her usual optimistic fashion. Rather than shy away or pretend she did it on purpose, she totally owned up to the mistake.

Yaaaas! That’s exactly why we love her!

The whole incident got the team at MP! thinking about what would happen if one of us walked around all day wearing a dress back to front. Heck, it’s a wacky idea but, you know us, we specialise in the weird and wonderful.

Plus, it’s not like we have an army of Mixers on hand to help point out the mistake. So would anyone else actually tell us the dress was the wrong way round?! Let’s find out!

WHOA! Is Perrie Edwards PREGNANT with the first ever Little Mix baby?

Little Mix now have something MASSIVE in common with Camila Cabello and we’re FREAKING THE HELL OUT!

So the dress we opted for was far less fierce than Jade’s (naturally), but you’d be surprised at how hard it is to actually find a dress that you could wear the wrong way round.

A lot of the ones in our closet were either basics that can be worn either way, without anyone really noticing. Btw, we only just figured this out when we were actually looking for the differences in the front and back of these type of dresses – minds BLOWN.

The other dresses we could have picked  had such intricate detailing at the back with straps, lace and all that other lovely stuff, it would be next to impossible to wear them at the front, unless we fancied flashing the whole of town. Thanks, but no thanks!

We love you, Jade, but that’s taking our dedication towards this experiment a little too far.

The main thing about wearing the dress in the photo was (like Jade’s) the zipper of it was at the top as opposed to well… Er the right way round at the back!

Obvs, we were hoping someone would come and point this out to us, because you know it’s nice to think we all have each other’s backs when it comes to fashion blunders. But of course it DIDN’T happen.

Ugh! Perhaps it’s British politeness that or the people we bumped into that day absolutely SUCKED because no one pointed anything out to us and it felt awful.

This is how the day went…


We were feeling pretty confident in the morning. Sure, we felt a little bit silly walking around town in a dress that was totally back to front, but we had faith that you lovely lot would say something to us.

You know, like when you walk out the loo with toilet roll stuck to your shoe?! Or you have your knickers tucked into your skirt?!

One of our friends did do a double take when they saw the dress up close. But, as we mentioned, MP! specialises in wacky articles and they totally knew it was for a feature. DAMN THEM.

We were quite happy they noticed at least, so fingers crossed more people would too.


Our faces closely resembled this GIF of Jade towards the end of the afternoon. It’s hard to stay optimistic when people are clearly noticing your fashion blunder but aren’t saying anything.

We shopped in HM, Waterstones, WH Smiths and sooooo many other places but nada – no comments from cashiers or fellow shoppers.

OMG! Also guys, it’s also worth noting how incredibly uncomfortable it is to wear a dress the wrong way round. The front felt too baggy and lose. It’s safe to say it didn’t make us feel as sassy as Jade.


By the evening, we were ready to get out of the dress. SOOOOOO OVER IT!

But what did we learn? Well, all-in-all, wearing something the wrong way round was awful. We’re surprised Jade made it look so effortless. Then again, she didn’t know – so we assume that made it one hell of a lot easier. Either way, it really goes to show she’s an absolute queen for not noticing.


We also learnt that if you see someone who might be wearing their clothes the wrong way, there’s nothing wrong with politely going up to them – just obviously, don’t be a d**k about it! If they say it’s supposed to be worn that way, don’t argue. But a little tap on the shoulder and a mention wouldn’t go amiss. You’d want someone to do it to you if you were in the same position, after all.

Have you ever had a fashion blunder? Let us know in the comments below. 


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