5 Reasons why we want a piece of Jacob Whitesides. Get it? You will do after reading this.

It’s a very exciting day at MP! Towers today. No, not because the Easter Bunny came early, but because we’ve found a brand new teen hottie who plays the guitar and sings really well and WE LOVE HIM.


1He’s cute af.

Have you seen that face? We fell in love with that before we even heard his voice. Doesn’t it look like it’s been sculpted by angels and buried in fluffy clouds until it was perfect and then beamed down by the sun in an array of sparkles? God he’s perfect.

2He’s got six cats. That’s right… SIX!

He must love all six cats too because he boasts about it in his Twitter bio. We’re very happy about Jacob’s massive cat family because it means that when we’re married and he has to go on tour, we’ll never get lonely because we’ll be surrounded by cats to play with.

3Jacob loves Fifth Harmony… just another thing we have in common.

If you could take our pulse right now… Oh Lordy. Among many things like breathing and being alive, us and Jacob have a mutual interest in Fifth Harmony. And they love him back to as they asked him to support them on their US Reflection Tour last month. Looks like we get five brand new BO$$ bffls with this marriage agreement.

Number 4His EP ‘A Piece of Me’ is A-MA-ZING!

After we spotted him on the bill for Fifth Harmony’s Reflection Tour which STILL HASN’T COME TO THE UK, BTW – we decided to check the cutie out on Spotify and found his EP. We haven’t stopped listening since. Our fave tracks are ‘Billboard (If I’m Honest)’ and ‘Let’s Be Birds’ but they’re all freakin’ great.


THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Jacob has announced a mini European Tour to celebrate the release of ‘A Piece of Me’ and will be ending it in London on May 25 at Bush Hall. Tickets are a bargain at £12 and can be purchased here.

Check out the video for his single ‘Words’ below:

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