Things we learnt about Jacob Whitesides from his @MaximumPop Twitter Takeover

On Saturday we had the brilliant Jacob Whitesides taking over the @maximumpop Twitter account. A flood of questions came in for Jacob and many of you were lucky enough to get questions answered. Here are the best bits!

Jacob didn’t understand a cheeky Nandos. Can someone explain it to the poor guy asap!

Anyone else thinking we should set Jacob a Just Dance challenge?

He has a warm heart, which made us smile. N’AWWW!

Then you all trended worldwide – no biggie.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 18.20.42

He loves Colorado. Who doesn’t?

We had a lil bit more Nando’s confusion.

Whatever you like to do in your own time is no business of ours ;)

Jelly beans

He’s excited to get to Europe and see ya’ll.

But then he had to leave us. But it’s okay, don’t cry. We had fun! Come back soon Jacob.

Stay tuned for more madness on Maximum Pop! and even more Jacob.

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