We had a natter with Jacob Whitesides about forming a supergroup with Camila, Troye and Alessia

It’s not often that Jacob Whitesides gets a day off, but yesterday was one of those days. A glorious day when you can just eat, sleep and repeat to your heart’s content. Unfortunately for Jacob, because MP! is actually just that evil, we decided to wake him up to have a jolly old chin-wag about awkward life situations, being hangry to the point of divadom and whether he could hack it as a DJ. What day off? #Sorrynotsorry, Jacob.

Hey Jacob! So it’s just over two weeks until you release your debut album, ‘Why’. How are you going to ensure that it’s a smash. What’s the masterplan?

Oh my gosh, as of right now I have no masterplan. I think the music is really good and so much better than anything I’ve put out so far. We put a lot of time and energy into the project. All the time that we had we were really just grinding it out, working six days a week from 9am till 3am.

There was not a point in the entire process that we were lacking in inspiration and creativity so that was really awesome. Although we were exhausted we just kept pushing through. I feel like the music will speak for itself. I’m really excited to see how everyone reacts. I feel like it’s the perfect mix between the singer-songwriter stuff that I was already doing and the new pop influences that have been coming out recently.

For example, I really feel like Justin Bieber really started a  new wave of pop radio when he released ‘What Do You Mean?’ and I really dig all that stuff. My music is not super similar but it does have those influences.

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If you had to pick out one breakout smash from the record what would it be.

I’m really excited about ‘Focus’. It’s planned to be the second single. We have some awesome remixes that are in the works. We all just connected with it. It’s one of my favourites to do live and the fans really connect with it. There’s also another one called ‘Open Book’. I believe it’s going to be the third instant grat track in a week or so. I’m actually shooting the music video for it in a couple  of days. I’ve been playing it live and the fans have really gotten into it.

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How involved do you get with the remixing?

I’m not great at the production side of things. I’ve kinda tried to learn things but I’m honestly so slow that it’s just counterproductive. But I do send back a lot of notes. We literally will get six remixes and you have to pick one, but I like little things from each one. I’m a big fan of remixes in general.

So no DJ Jacob any time soon?

Sadly no.

When was the last time you felt ‘Lovesick’ and who was it over?

I went through a big break-up fairly recently so that sucked. There was definitely some love sickness there. But it’s all good. We’re really good friends now so it didn’t last super long. But break-ups suck no matter what.

Is that what inspired the single?

I was still in the relationship when we were writing the song so it wasn’t 100% inspired by that, but there were definitely elements of the ending of that relationship that inspired us. We took a sad situation and turned it into a fun song.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

My first ever date was really awkward. I was 14 and I was kind of a lame kid and she was one of the coolest girls. I was already insanely nervous. And I remember sitting there and texting her whether I could hold her hand which is the most awkward moment of my entire life. We didn’t kiss. We just awkwardly held hands for the rest of the date. And she texted me at one point saying, “I need to let go for a second”. We were literally texting back and forth about this whole hand-holding situation. I will never forget the anxiety I had just sitting there.

We’re actually cringing for you. It’s like one of those Jennifer Aniston rom-coms. We have to have a Hermione moment rn.


Moving on swiftly, what’s the biggest diva tantrum you’ve ever thrown?

I’m so bad at being a diva. I’m usually just pretty chilled out everything, but anytime I show up and I’m told I won’t have time to eat for the whole day I throw a little hissy-fit. Anytime there’s no food involved I’m a massive diva.

Don’t play hanger games with Jacob!

Exactly. I only need 15 mins. I will literally choke the food down.


You’re CEO of own record label. Which other artist would you sign if you could?

I have a lot of fans who are insanely talented. There’s at least a dozen of them who are really good singers and musicians and they send me songs they’ve written.I’m really into the songwriting part so I hope one day when I’m not super busy with my own career I’d like to fly them to Nashville and have some sessions with them to help them develop as artists. It’s so expensive to record music so I would love to invest in my fans and help them.

DM him NOW, guys!

When I have time I am gonna sign so many freakin’ people to my label.


You say you’re into songwriting, but if Sia offered you a massive stone cold banger,  would you accept?

‘Lovesick’ is the only song I didn’t write a ton on, but aside form that I wrote every single song on my record. It’s really important to me. But I can’t deny if a song is incredible. It doesn’t even matter if it sounds like a massive smash but, it’s important that I can connect to the lyrics and relate to it. I feel like a sell out if I cut a song just cause I think it’s gonna be big. There could be another artist who connects with the lyrics more and can make it a massive hit.

Have any of the songs you’ve been offered go on to be big hits for other people?

Haha not yet thank god. I would definitely be a little mad at myself.

Maybe someone will do an album of ‘Songs that were offered to Jacob’ and it’ll be the biggest thing ever.


Lol sorry, we had to. Anyway, which 2016 craze have you been most obsessed with so far?

There have been a couple. I’ve been obsessed with Snapchat filters. That’s definitely been big this year.

Which one?

Definitely the puppy dog filter. It’s my guilty pleasure. It makes the face look so much tighter and more attractive.

Good word that “tight”.

Ive also been obsessed with ‘Stranger Things’. I watched all of that in one day. I don’t usually get obsessed with shows but that’s original.


If you could form the ultimate teen supergroup with 3 other teenage artists, who would you choose?

Definitely Troye Sivan. He’s one of my favourites.

Alessia Cara. She’s one of my all time favourites.

Camila Cabello has turned into quite the powerhouse vocalist so she’d have to be in the squad. We’d call ourselves ‘Legends Only featuring Jacob Whitesides’, because I’m not a legend yet haha.

OMG we actually love you. You are a legend to us! Thanks so much for answering our questions.

Jacob’s new singles ‘Focus’ and ‘Lovesick’ are out now to stream and download and his new album ‘Why’ is out on 9th September. 

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