Interview: Jack Pack have their eyes set on world domination and reveal they fancy Alesha Dixon (who doesn’t?).

We had a little chat with last year’s Britain’s Got Talent finalists Jack Pack ahead of the release of their debut album and spoke One Direction, Toy Story and their nerve-wracking return to the BGT stage.

First of all, we have noticed that – obviously – you are named Jack Pack, but none of you are actually named Jack. If you had to pick one famous Jack to join your band, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Alfie: I’m gonna go with Jack Bauer, I know he’s a character but why not? He’s cool.

Andrew: Michael JACK-son?

Sean: Jack Daniels, he could work, yeah.

Now, we’re speaking to you today because you will be releasing your self-titled debut album this summer. How does it feel knowing that this time last year you were contestants on a TV show to now be releasing your debut album?

Sean: It’s absolutely mental, if you’d said to us we’d be here in the space of the year, we’d be like ‘yeah right’, but since the show’s finished it’s been incredible. We’ve worked with our record company which has been amazing, they’re so organised and have hooked us up with some really amazing producers and musicians and stuff. We did our album with a seventy-two piece orchestra and we did an amazing music video the other week which we filmed in Ukraine.

Martin: We just saw the first edits of the video and we’ve just seen our most recent photos from our photoshoot. This year has been completely taken up by the album process and the collaboration between ourselves and our record label and the producers and making the sound that people will be hearing with this album.

We’ve seen the tracklist and have to say we love all of the covers that you’re doing on the album, which was the most fun track to re-record?

Alfie: I think for us it would probably be ‘Lazy River’ just because it describes us as a band and our laddish chemistry and performing it live is amazing.

Martin: Yeah, it almost kind of brings out each of our personalities so people who are watching us perform it live or listening to it on the able will be able to get to know us a bit more.

Sean: It was also great to do ‘My Way’ which, obviously, we performed on the semi-final of the show. But it’s such an incredible song, we’ve really worked hard to make sure our own version something that we hope will stand the test of time and be alongside all of the other great versions that have been done. It’s a really emotional song for us all, and a lot of other people feel that as well.

We’re really excited to hear your take on One Direction’s ‘Story Of My Life’ that features on the album.

Sean: We’re really pleased with it. Again, it’s a really fun song to do and it was an amazing opportunity for us to work on a song that was made famous by the biggest boyband in the world at the moment and to be able to put our own stamp on it.

Martin: Obviously, we’re all under Simon [Cowell] and Syco so we’re looking forward to people hearing it.

Andrew: It’s also not the traditional song because, again, we did it with the orchestra so it was great to take it from a new pop song and then put our stamp on it as well.

Sean: I think for the younger listeners as well, it will show them what we’ve done with the song. Obviously, we’ve completely changed it and you maybe wouldn’t recognise it to begin with so yeah, we’re hoping it kind of shows people a bit more of a diverse type of music.

Martin: We’d like to cross over to that age group as well.

Also on your album is a never-before-released original song written by Randy Newman who is most famous for writing ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ for the Toy Story soundtrack. So our question is if Jack Pack were to voice Toy Story 4, who would be which character?

Martin: Sean would have to be Buzz Lightyear because his middle name is ‘danger’.

Sean: Yeah, you might see in the video soon, I got singled out to do some dangerous scenes and yeah, I’m kind of the stuntman of the group now. So I’m pretty excited to see what people think about that.

Martin: I think Alfie would be Woody because he’s got the same shape, hasn’t he?

Alfie: Yeah, just minus the cowboy hat.

Andrew: Can I be the dinosaur? No, Slinky the Dog!

Martin: Slinky the Dog? You’re more like Mr. Potato Head.


And if Disney Pixar decided to make a brand new movie based on Jack Pack, what would the storyline be?

Martin: It’d probably be space-orientated.

Sean: Yeah, we love the science-fiction movies so that could come into it. I think overall, all Disney films have got a great message and we work so well together and we love each other so much.

Martin: Yeah, I think basically it’d be about our chemistry.

Alfie: We’d time travel, we’d go back to the 60s and sing in one of those smoky jazz clubs, that’d be pretty cool.

You are returning to the Britain’s Got Talent stage on Tuesday night for the second of this year’s semi-finals. Do you have any early favourite contestants from this year?

Alfie: My personal favourite is the golden buzzer act that David chose, the lady that came out with the ironing board and the Casio keyboard. I thought she was fantastic, she wrote a great song, she had great comic timing and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in the next round.

Andrew: Well I’m a massive Derren Brown and Paul Daniels fan so the lady who hypnotised Ant & Dec, I think she’s got something about her.

Alfie: She didn’t get through.

Andrew: Did she not? Well, I think she should have. Bring her back!

Sean: Calum Scott for me. I loved his vocals.

We imagine that all of the contestants are getting pretty nervous right now, as you know how it feels to be waiting to go and perform on that stage – what advice would you give to them?

Alfie: I think you kind of can so easily forget to enjoy it, as much pressure as there is, I think just keep a good account of yourselves and just enjoy it really. I think us going back on Tuesday will be nice because we know what it feels like to go through it so it’ll be good to be able to talk to them and just hopefully relax them but we’ll probably be just as nervous as them.

Sean: I think our philosophy was just making sure that we were prepared. We were just woking so hard in the lead up to the show and we just wanted to make sure that when we were going out on that stage, we were fully prepared and that we’d put the graft in. Ultimately, people could find themselves in a position that they don’t want to be in so just make sure that you’re fully on it.

You unfortunately missed out on a spot at the Royal Variety Performance to Collabro last year, but in your best Queen Elizabeth impression, tell us what you think she would have thought of your performance…

Sean (in the best Queen Elizabeth impression we’ve heard): I think that was absolutely spiffing, well done chaps.

If you had to snog, marry, date and avoid the Britain’s Got Talent judges, how would you do it?

Alfie: I’m going to marry Alesha.

Martin: I’d date Amanda.

Sean: I’d snog David.

Andrew: And I suppose I’ll avoid Simon.

Alesha Dixon is making her big comeback with new single ‘The Way We Are’ next month, do you think maybe you could team up with her to give the track a new swing remix?

Sean: Any teaming up with Alesha would be great.

Alfie: I think that’s what’s exciting about what we do actually, like we said with the One Direction track, I think there’s any song that we could take on and it’d be exciting to see the results. So yeah, get her to come by.

Are there plans for you to take the album on tour once it’s been recorded? Will we get the chance to see you live soon?

Alfie: Yeah, our ambition for the album is huge. We’ve worked hard, we want to make it a global success and get it out there in different countries and at the moment we’ve got a UK tour pencilled in for next year and we can’t wait to expand on that and get ourselves shown and appreciated around the world as well.

Martin: We obviously want to wait and see how the album does but we’re all very much committed to making this massive on a worldwide proposition.

What else should we be looking out for from you in 2015?

Alfie: 2015 is going to be a huge year for us.

Martin: It’ll all kick off on Tuesday with the Britain’s Got Talent performance, we’ve got the album coming out in the summer, we’ve got the music video which we’re so excited about.

Andrew: We’re performing at Proms in the Park at Hyde Park which we’re really excited about so there’s loads of good stuff coming up and we’re hoping to, like we said, be global. We want to perform the biggest places in the world. Hopefully the album will do really well and we’ll go on from there and we can just grow.

Jack Pack’s debut album ‘Jack Pack’ will be released this summer. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon now. Tune into Semi Final 2 of Britain’s Got Talent on Tuesday at 7:30pm on ITV to see Jack Pack perform.

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