Jack Antonoff has said that working with Taylor Swift was ‘tiny’. Lol what?

Jack Antonoff has been speaking about working with Taylor Swift for Bleachers’ album, and has said that the whole experience was a bit ‘tiny’. Tiny? TINY? We’d say that working with Taylor was a PRETTY BIG DEAL ACTUALLY, JACK.



We just get so damned angry when people downplay the Swift.

But Jack wasn’t actually downplaying working with Taylor at all. Sorry Mr Antonoff, we seem to have got a bit confused. What Jack was trying to say is that the way Taylor works is just so tiny.

Jack – who’s debut album with Bleachers was released in April – had this to say about the experience: “The process was great because it was so tiny, and it led to something so big.”

But what was so tiny about it? “”She would send me the ideas on a voice note on her phone and everything was so tiny. It happened over email, or with just me and her in a tiny room, no big studios, no big entourage.”

We want to sit in tiny rooms with Taylor Swift and no big entourage. Life isn’t fair.

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