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Jack & Jack reveal embarrassing baby pics, Pokémon Go goals, and spill everything about their new book

We’re all pretty stoked to see Jack & Jack‘s faces in our fave bookshops this September and we know you are too.

From Vine to global tours, singing to thousands every night they’re not working on their debut album, we caught the pair during a quiet moment to chat all things ‘Jack & Jack: You Don’t Know Jacks’.

This time, we didn’t challenge them to a gargling contest or test their drawing skills but we still managed to unveil some pretty epic stuff about them – even some Pokémon Go controversy?!

Here’s what they had to say:

So, your new book – congrats btw – ‘Jack & Jack: You Don’t Know Jacks’ is coming out on September 8th. For those who might not be sure what it’s about, can you summarise the general idea?

JJ: Yeah, definitely. I would say it provides a lot more backstory on Jack & Jack as a whole and I think it’s really just a story about, I guess, friendship and having somebody there for you at all times, which can really help propel you to the top.

That’s so cute! Friendships really are so important, right?!

JJ: Oh yeah! And it’s a really cool book, fans should be excited because it really does give you a lot more backstory behind who we are as people and our interests. There’s so many funny pictures that we’ve dug up from our old scrapbooks that are in there that nobody is going to have seen before.

With everything else you’ve done in your lives, did writing a book seem like a natural progression in your careers?

JJ: I think it was a natural progression because we’ve got so much going on right now, and we haven’t quite broken into the mainstream. So while we’re working on our debut album right now I think it’s going to be good to get the fans excited for the music that’s to come.

JJ: We talk a lot about the new music and the inspiration for it in the book, and the book is going to be out before the music so hopefully it gives the fans some insight into the upcoming album and really hypes them up.

As you were talking about before, there’s some pretty adorable baby photos of you guys in the book. Were there any that you thought were too embarrassing to make the cut, or are the fans really going to get to see everything about you, cringeworthy moments and all?

JJ: Honestly, to tell you the complete truth, me and Jack thought that if we saw some of the pictures we might not want them to be in the book. So we told our moms and our editors to just throw in whatever pictures they see of us just because we didn’t want to hold anything back just because we didn’t like how we looked at 6 years old or something.

JG: So yeah, we wanted to make sure our fans could see it all, so we thought it was the best way to do that. We had, you know, a general say on what goes in there obviously but this was definitely the best way to do it.

Well we think that’s quite an interesting way to do it, but we see your reasoning!

So you talk a lot about your experiences in the book as well, from middle school to moving to LA for the first time. We know this is such a hard question, but what’s the hardest part of everything you’re doing?

JJ: Honestly I have no complaints. Whether it’s doing a video or making a song or doing something related to our book – even these interviews – there’s nothing we really hate, we just love what we’re doing.

JG: Yeah, we feel like we’re way too blessed to ever complain about anything at all. If there’s one thing that I really don’t like though, I would say the timezones – timezones are kind of tough to adjust to since we do a lot of travelling.

JG: But honestly, yeah, we really have no complaints with what we’re doing we just love it so much and we’re so thankful for the opportunities.

Yeah, we imagine jet lag is a SERIOUS killer to overcome with all the travelling you do.

JG: Yeah, it definitely is!

Again, another super tricky one, but between Vine, YouTube, music – and now writing books – which one is your main focus, main motivation? We’re sure they’re all exciting but…

JJ: For Jack and I, I would say our main motivation is seeing how people react to the music, above anything else, because music is what we’re extremely passionate about right now and it’s really just kind of taking over our lives.

JG: I would definitely agree with Jack J and say that it is the music. Also we have a lot of really good friends who are working in the music industry right now. And I say, anybody who’s a little step ahead of us right now… we love that! We love the friendly competition and that motivation to be as good as them at whatever they’re doing.

JJ: Yeah, and I think just seeing people react to our new music is honestly Jack and I’s favourite thing right now. And you know what, we get a lot of comments like “oh what are you trying to be singers for you’ll always be just two Vine kids” but our music really is our main priority right now.

We’re not surprised you love being musicians so much! You’ve toured with a lot of great artists, but who has been your favourite person to tour with?

JJ: Oh man, I mean, I have to say – we’ve worked with some of our really good friends who aren’t that well known but are really talented.

JG: I think that the coolest person we’ve worked with was Timberland.

JG: He’s obviously a big, famous producer and it was awesome being able to work with an OG legend like that. He helped on our new single that’s coming out this next month so that was just really cool to get in the studio with someone of that calibre. It was awesome! So I would definitely say he’s the coolest person we’ve worked with so far… but who knows who it’s going to be a year from now, you know?

Totally! You never know, one day somebody might be answering that you guys are their favourite artist to have worked with.

JG: Oh yeah, being somebody else’s answer, that’d be COOL.

You talk a tiny bit about your tour rider in the book, but you say you keep it super simple. If you could have ANYTHING on there without being called a diva though, what would you request?

JJ: You know, our rider’s really basic.

JG: Very basic.

JJ: We just ask for some fruit, some chips (MP: Crisps!), and some water and we’re all good.

JG: If I could have anything though without anyone thinking I’m a diva, I would have a nice three course meal – you know, steak with a side of asparagus or something like that and a little glass of apple juice to wash it all down. No honestly I would just ask for a really nice bed to sleep on in the green room for whenever I’m tired or just want to nap between shows. The green rooms aren’t always the most equipped places, depending on the venue, so I would just want a comfortable little bed to lie down on for sure.

So cute!

Jack J, we saw you mention you used to collect Pokémon cards in the book. How’s Pokémon Go being going for you?

JJ: Yo, I’m not going to lie – and people are going to hate me for this – I just haven’t downloaded it.

*Gasp* Controversy!

JJ: It’s really just seeing how popular it is, and I’m just thinking like “I’m already too late so there’s no point doing it now”. I’m personally more of a fan of the old Pokémon video games on the Gameboys.

It’s a shame, with all the travelling you do, you could definitely “catch ‘em all!”

JJ: I know, yeah! I could be a Pokémon master. It just hasn’t happened.

Ah, oh well!

Last question – bit of a serious one. Do you have any advice for anyone out there reading this interview who wants to get out there and achieve their dreams too?

JJ: It sounds cliché but just stay positive. A lot of things that happen in your life you can’t plan for and, you know, success doesn’t happen overnight but if you really want to follow your dreams you have to stay motivated. If you get knocked down, you’ve got to get back up.

JG: It’s really just about being genuine and not being afraid to show yourself. You’ve got to be able to put yourself out there! The first step is overcoming all your fears about people making fun of you and just do it. Put it out there on the internet for the world to see.

JG: You could become a star overnight and not even know it until you wake up in the morning. You just don’t want to hold back and make sure, if you’re passionate about something, put it out there.

JG: There’s so many mediums, so many avenues that can expose you to opportunities. There are so many different types of people that no matter what you do, even if you yourself think it’s weird and your friends think it’s weird, there’s bound to be some group of people who like what you’re doing and appreciate it.

JJ: Yeah! There’s bound to be a market for you no matter where you’re at so just go for it. At the end of the day, just go for it. Don’t hold back.


Thanks so much to Jack & Jack for chatting to us. If you haven’t pre-ordered ‘Jack & Jack: You Don’t Know Jacks’ yet you totally need to get on that – it’s not worth missing!

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