‘It’s About Love’: how Steven Camden’s latest YA novel is a love letter to his home, Birmingham

If you’ve read ‘It’s About Love’ you’ll realise how honest and real it feels. You believe Camden’s Birmingham. You can see it and experience it as though you had visited a thousand times before. This is largely due to Camden’s wonderful writing, but also because he set his novel in a place he calls home.

In an article for The Guardian, he writes, I can’t separate place from people.

In Birmingham, certain street corners and trees and bus stops and doorsteps and attics are all tagged with faces that populate the moments that made me – first kisses, epic fights, bad choices, romantic risks.”

Camden’s story is rich with familiarity and a keen sense of detail. It is one thing to describe a town, but it is another to know it – to be able to pinpoint the places of significance, to home in on the details which make them, and to make the setting feel effortless.

“A certain table in a certain cafe. The specific texture of the specific canopy of a specific tree in the woods. The texture of a particular bus stop metal. All these things are drawn from definite experiences of the places I grew up in, which hopefully gives the story a genuine feeling of richness and layers without feeling manufactured.”

We think you’ve succeeded, Steven.

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