5 Reasons why we can’t get enough of the Finnish fitty Isac Elliot

Isac Elliot is the newest popstar on our radar, the Finnish 13 year old has made wavelengths over Europe and here are a few reasons why we LOVE him.

1. Isac hit the #1 spot with his single ‘New Way Home’ in his home-town of Finland and he’s only 13 years old! Not only did the single reach #1 in Finland, but so did his album ‘Wake Up World’. Isac now has a massive following in Finland and Norway, we’re a bit jel.

2. He’s multi-talented! Isac can not only sing, but he can dance, act and write! Who knew someone could posses so much talent?! Check out his video for ‘Baby I’, can we say mini Bieber?

3. His style. Have you seen a cooler 13 year old? We wish we had some style when we was his age. Even his clothes suggest he could be the next Bieber!


4. Isac is so nice to his fans! He is constantly following his fans on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, what a lovely way to keep in touch with his fan-base and shows he cares.

5. His music is relate-able and commercial. Isac gives us some serious feels with his lyrics; who knew  little Isac could be so inspirational with ‘Dream Big’; it also makes us want to dance like crazy!


Be sure to check our Isac’s music, his single ‘Baby I’ is out now!

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