Which two bands did Isac Elliot describe as frogs in a jar? Find out in our interview with the Finnish fittie

Isac Elliot has just released his brand new single ‘Worth Something,’ which is a total tune. We had a chinwag with the Finnish fittie about One Direction, his music and dogs…

Hey Isac! If you could listen to no one else but one artist, who would it be and why?

It would probably be Justin Bieber because his music is very interesting and he always surprises you. He also makes music that I could see myself singing. It’s my style. He is a great singer and we kinda have the same story of starting out young. So he is an inspiration to me.

I get compared to Bieber a lot which is a huge honour but still I like to do my own thing with my own twist. I released my first album when I was 12. Justin was young when he started out too. I guess that is why we are compared. But there are a lot of rock bands too and people don’t always compare them. Or female singers. So I find it a bit funny that we are compared so often.

How would you describe your new music using 5 emojis?

😍Because it’s personal and important to me
👌🏼Because I am happy with my new songs and I love the fact that I get to sing and perform them live soon
😳Because I’m surprised how much I actually have been writing myself!
😜I just like the emoji and I guess my new music is a bit crazy-fun-ish
😎I think the sounds on the new album are cool and fresh
🎁 The new music is a gift to my LOVELY FANS! <3<3<3<3<3

That’s definitely six, but we’ll let you off! If you could swap lives with one member of One Direction for 24 hours, who would it be and what would you get up to?

I would be Harry Styles because he gets to hang out with Kendall Jenner who’s a bit of a celebrity crush of mine, hehe! I actually met Harry and he seemed very positive and happy so I’d love to be Harry for a day!

Even though you’re a big pop star now, everyone needs to do some grocery shopping! What items are always on your shopping list?

Well of course all the basics like vegetables, milk and so on… I love candy and chips (crisps), so I’d probably get a lot of Pringles and Skittles too. The lemonade Mountain Dew is my absolute favourite, so that is a must.

In Finland we have something called “Salmiakki” which is a black candy that not many people like – a salty liquorice. It is so salty that it makes your eyes water a bit. I really love it so that would also be one thing.

What is one really random thing that no one else knows about you?

I’m pretty open and my fans already know almost everything about me. But when I was about ten years old I was the biggest Billy Elliot fan in the world after I saw the musical in London. So I once had a dream about becoming a ballet dancer. I even bought the shoes. Never used them though. :D

Imagine you had to get the last text message you got tattooed on your head – what would it say?

It would be from my mom saying: “Where are you? Food is ready!” So I guess that wouldn’t be that cool. Probably not the tattoo to get if you want to impress the girls lol! :D

We have a weird habit of switching the light switch three times before leaving a room – what’s your weirdest habit?

I have to look under my bed before I go to sleep just to check if there are any murderers there… I know that´s kinda odd but it´s something that I’ve done since I was like 6 and I still do because… you never know. HA!

Would you rather go on a lads night out with One Direction or go on a lads holiday with 5SOS?
Hard one but I’ll have to say 5SOS because I haven´t met the boys and they also seem super funny and nice! I’d also like to visit their home country – Australia – because I´m a big animal lover and they have lots of amazing animals there.

I have toured with One Direction and those guys were super nice to me. They treated me and my crew amazingly when I warmed up for them. So I KNOW I would have a great time hanging out with them.

Both bands have been described as frogs in a jar. When you open the lid they go every which way and you never know what happens. So either would be very cool!

There’s a theory that dogs look like their owners – do you have a dog and do you think it looks like you at all?

Yes, we actually have three dogs. Two small dogs and one big dog. I haven’t thought about whether they look like me. But they do behave like me because they can’t really sit still and they are very energetic. They also like hanging out with people, just like me.

It is funny cause when we had two dogs people were like “OK, you have two dogs. Cool.” Now that we have 3 dogs it is like “OK, you have three dogs. Weirdos. Crazy dog family”.

Would you rather go 5 years into the future or 5 years into the past?

I would go 5 years into the future because I´d love to know where I will be in 5 years. I would also love to see if there is a cute girl by my side and what she is like. I am single right now though. One thing I do know is that I’ll have a dog or two of my own within 5 years, haha!

Thanks, Isac. Great catching up!

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