Is your life a YA contemp novel? Diagnose yourself with our 11 deadly symptoms

If you’ve been reading YA for any amount of time you’ll probably have tried to relate your life to a contemporary novel. That’s not just us, right?!

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Take a look at our symptoms and you might find that you’re in a YA contemp novel after all…

You’re totally suffering from a case of the contemp if you and your BFF are on the rocks


Friend drama is horrible, and it’s even worse when it’s your BFF. Nothing you say seems to be right, they’re changing and drifting further and further away. No break up is worse than a BFF break up.

Seek help if you’ve just moved to a new town or school


Walking into a school of people who’ve known each other since they were crawling is terrifying. Especially when you know NO ONE. Anything could happen…

It’s an emergency if two boys you’ve never spoken to are seriously crushing on you

boy stalking time

And they are just so different you don’t know which one to pick. This is going to take pro-con lists, gossip with your girls and a whole lot of flirting to figure out…

Call a doctor if you’re showing signs of a ‘new summer, new me’ motto

new year new life

Summer is the perfect time to revamp your look and your life. With six glorious weeks before you’re back in the classroom, anything can happen. We’re hoping for a life-changing summer romance.

You’re in danger if your parents just don’t understand you, ever

take a chill pill

They just don’t get it. You NEED to go to that party so your crush sees how awesome you are. You NEED to show your face so your former BFF sees how fine you are. Who cares about Aunt Mary’s birthday?!

You better lie down if someone at school is making your life hell, ‘Mean Girls’ style


Bullies are awful, and teenage girls really know how to hurt you. They know exactly what your insecurities are and they’re not afraid to use them against you.

Call an ambulance if you’re hiding a horrible secret in your past

shh aria

Let’s be honest, it’s not going to stay secret for long. You might as well tell someone and get it out there. It’s gonna happen anyway…

You’re in trouble if you’ve recently been to a party where EVERYTHING went wrong

bad things

Your crush kissed another girl, your drunk BFF puked on your dress, your big brother turned up and caused a scene – it all happened and you’re dying of embarrassment.

Bed rest might be required if your parents are just never, ever around

you didn't see anything madagascar

So convenient that you’re parents are out when your crush knocks on your window in the middle of the night! And it’s super handy that they don’t even notice you staying out until morning! Thank goodness for flaky parents.

Nothing will save you if you’re gaga over the brooding bad boy


He may be a jerk, but oh MAN, that smile… And you’re the only one who he gives it too. You’ve gotta swoon, really.

Call a doctor if you go to school, but don’t ever actually go to school

can't go to school

You should be in English, but no one will notice if you don’t go for, like, a month. Right? It’s not like school is important. Not when you’ve serious drama going on.

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