You heard her on Beyoncé’s ‘Formation Tour’, now get obsessed with Sophie Beem

Beyoncé is currently working her way around the UK on the rather extraordinary ‘Formation Tour’, which is playing to over 300,000 of you.


If you have the money (and we’re talking hundreds), you could get pretty close to Queen Bey. But, one girl who is closer than all of those people is your new favourite popstar: Sophie Beem.

In fact, if you went to the ‘Formation Tour’, you’ll have already heard Sophie’s music. Her track ‘Skyline’ was played before the show, along with music from Chloe x Halle.

Sophie first auditioned for The X Factor USA back in 2012, which was the year that Fifth Harmony were formed. Sophie sadly didn’t make it into the Top 40, which probably was awful at the time.

But then she got signed by Queen Bey’s record label Parkwood Entertainment, which we think might have made things a bit easier. She’s also been on tour with Charlie Puth, which is absolute career goals if you ask us.

Sophie also recently dropped her self-titled EP, which is filled to the brim with solid bops. There’s super poppy ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ which is our new girl power anthem. Also, there’s a track called ‘Nail Polish’, which is better at teaching you how to paint your nails than any YouTube tutorial.

We’re completely obsessed with her song ‘Skyline’, which manages to balance being quite sad lyrically with being something you can dance to. It’s about not settling for things that aren’t good enough for you, which is a perfect message if you ask us. We would really like to recreate the video at our local arcade, too.

With Beyoncé’s backing, it looks like Sophie will be completely unstoppable over the next few years. We’re ready.

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