Introducing: A new dance boyband called MDNGHT. We fancy them all, you will too.

We’ve found a new boyband. That’s never a good sign for our bank balances or our already poster-cladden bedroom walls but it’s always great news for our iTunes library and this new addition to our obsession collection will not disappoint in the slightest.

when somebody asks which member of MDNGHT we fancy most.

Meet MDNGHT (we’re guessing it’s pronounced ‘midnight’), a three-piece super duper dance collective from Manchester who will release their debut single ‘Into The Night’ next month.

Because we’re special, we’ve been able to hear the track before you ner nicky her ner and we have to say it. is. incredible. Think an R&B Years & Years and you’ll be on the right track.

We can’t give you the single yet, but would you like to listen to the Grant Nelson Rugged Mix of ‘Into The Night’ instead? Of course you ruddy well would.

Now we’re probably just gonna go back to staring at them for the rest of the day, don’t mind us.

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