Introducing Mandy Jiroux – Miley’s BFF and future pop sensation

So your best friend is one of the world’s most-talked about popstars, how on earth do you launch a music career without riding on her coattails?

Simple. Just team up with massive YouTube music sensations Kurt Schneider and Chester See – and sing your heart out.

Mandy Jiroux started out as a back-up dancer for Miley Cyrus (pre-Bangerz reinvention). The pair started hanging out and even made a fun little YouTube series called ‘The Mandy and Miley Show’, but now Mandy’s ready to step into the spotlight… solo.

This foray into music didn’t happen overnight. Mandy was part of an American girl group called BG5, who were featured on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

She’s got the pipes for the popstar job, as demonstrated in this medley of Zedd’s hits she has recorded with Kurt Schneider and Chester See.

Watch the trio take on the super EDM producer’s hits ‘Clarity‘ and ‘Stay The Night‘.

Who knows? The next time we hear Mandy’s vocals it might be on a monster dance track of her own.

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