A cup of tea and a natter with… Justin Morelli.

With 2016 fast approaching, we’re rooting through the internet for the acts that we think will be big over the next twelve months, and we’ve found one!


Justin Morelli is a New York based R&B/pop singer and he’s hella cute. We had a little natter with him and this is what we found out…

Tell us why we should listen to you in 140 characters or less.

There aren’t that many male artists doing the style of music that I am doing now and I’d like to breathe new life into that and make it fresh.

If you had to compare the sound of your music to a flavour, which would you pick and how do they relate?

Salted Caramel – it has a sweetness but also an edge that makes it unpredictable. When you first hear about it you can’t imagine how the 2 flavors would go together but once you taste it you love it.

What was the first single you ever bought and has it inspired the music you release today?

Black Street’s ‘No Diggity’. It did inspire me a lot because a lot of my style is heavily influences by 90’s R&B and Black Street played a huge role in that.

Picture the scene… You have found a time machine and been sent back to the year 1996. You have been selected to become the member of a band known as the Spice Girls. What would your nickname be?

Feisty Spice.

If you were give a pet cat and told you had to name it after an existing popstar, what would you name it? 

Raymond, after Usher Raymond.

Wasn’t that riveting? And guess what? Justin loves Maximum Pop! too.


Now have a listen to his new single ‘Ain’t Easy’ below.

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