Introducing Frans: The Swedish Eurovision star who grew up in the UK and was famous at the age of 7

Sweden is the home to many a great popstar. Zara Larsson, Tove Lo and The Fooo Conspiracy are all from the country which could be the spiritual home of pop.

And we can now add another amazing singer to the list: Frans.


Here are 7 facts about the guy who is set to become your new favourite pop star:

?? Frans has a surname! Actually, he has two. His full-name is Frans Jeppsson Wall, which sounds a bit like fancy climbing wall but also a great pop star.

?? He might be a newcomer to the UK charts, but Frans had a number one ten years ago in Sweden. It’s called ‘Who’s Da Man’, it spent thirteen weeks at Number 1 and let’s just say it’s not a pop classic:


?? Not content with having one football-related Swedish Number 1, Frans had another one two years later, this time called ‘Fotbollsfest’ (Swedish for ‘Football Party’):


?? Frans was born in Sweden, but moved to London when he was eight. He lives between the two places now.

?? If you thought Rihanna left us waiting for a long time between her last two albums, she’s got nothing on the eight years between ‘Fottbollsfest’ and Frans’ new single ‘If I Were Sorry’.

?? Speaking of which, ‘If I Were Sorry’ is the song Sweden are sending to… well… Sweden in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Unlike us Brits, Sweden take the contest very seriously, with the biggest Swedish pop stars all entering songs into their selection show. In fact, Frans was a relative unknown compared to the other contestants.

?? Someone once sent Frans a photo of his face photoshopped onto something else. We’ve been discovered!


?? Frans also gives the best dating advice. Maybe someone should commission a book.


We know who we’re supporting in Eurovision this year (Sorry, Joe & Jake).

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