Introducing: Anttix

Say “Hi” to Anttix! He is a pop newcomer ready to tackle the big boys in music and even better still, he’s a home grown UK popstar!

Anttix or Antony James Llewellyn (we can see why he shortened it) is a Bristolian bloke with big talent. He has said that “singing is something he has wanted to do all his life” but that breaking into the music industry is “so hard”. We’re sure Anttix will have no problem with some of the poppy beats he’s producing that even attracted attention from Simon Cowell.

Anttix is attempting to break into the British charts with his debut single ‘Tornado’. The track is lots of fun and has been described as a “pop smash”! Once you hear it, it’s sure to be going round and around and around your head (“Like A Tornado”).

Anttix is currently doing a tour of schools throughout the UK and because he’s such a stand up guy, he’s also speaking out against bullying (a Demi Lovato in the making?).

Let us know your thoughts on Anttix and ‘Tornado’. Would you like to hear more? You can watch the video below:

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