Who is Paulina Rubio? Introducing the new ‘X Factor US’ judge

The new X Factor US panel has been announced and we are now counting down the days until it’s on our telly box. Popstrel Demi Lovato and the king of grump Simon Cowell are returning and are joined by previous X Factor UK judge/Beyonce’s BFF/1/3 of Destiny’s Child/amazing Queen of R’n’B, Kelly Rowland. There is also another addition to the star-studded panel: Paulina Rubio.

Now if you aren’t quite sure who she is, you are not alone. She might be a mega superstar across the pond in the States but over here, she hasn’t quite made as big of a splash. Here at MP! Towers, we are devoted to keeping you up to date with all you need to know about pop music, so here is 5 things you need to know about Paulina Rubio.

1Paulina is a Mexican singer who has sold over 20 million records, headlined 6 tours and released 10 albums. She has also turned her hand to acting and performed in the Spanish version of ‘Grease’ (it’s called ‘Vaselina’, we kid you not). She has also acted in numerous telenovellas (that’s Spanish for ‘Coronation Street’, this time we kid you a little).

2Ms. Rubio, quite like fellow X Factor judgette Kelly Rowland, started her career as part of a band. She joined the band Timbriche at the tender age of 10 and was one of the original 6 members. Timbriche were so big in Latin America that there is currently a musical being created, based on all their hits. Think ‘Viva Forever’ but hopefully more successful and better.

3Paulina has also launched her own lipstick with M.A.C called ‘Rubia’, released her signature fragrance called ‘Oro’ (not to be confused with Oreo- they are biscuits, not perfume) and owns a restaurant in Miami Beach called “L’Entrecote de Paris”. Paulina is also no stranger to the catwalk and was the face of Louis Vuitton in Latin America. She is signed to Elite Model Management and didn’t even have to win America’s Next Top Model to get the deal.

This Latina is not just powerful and successful, she also loves to giveback. She has worked with many Latin American charities and won an American Heart Association award for all her good deeds. She also founded her very own charity called “Fundación Paulina Rubio” which aims to assist children living with neurological disorders and their families. She’s starting to sound pretty ruddy perfect, isn’t she?

5If you’re still not convinced that Paulina has the credentials to be an X Factor judge, then perhaps this little tidbit will change your mind: Paulina has also been a coach on the Mexican version of the Voice, “La Voz Kids”. Now that is one impressive CV credential to have and she is one candidate that Simon Cowell couldn’t really turn down.

Now you know all you need to know about Paulina Rubio, do you think she is a wise choice? Will she bring some Latin spice to the panel? Can she fill Britney’s vacant seat? Here is Paulina’s latest single ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ to help you make your mind up.

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