Fan account interviews: we chat to @TheVampsUKNews

10,000s of devoted followers, months of tireless research, the most obsessed dedicated of fans. The art of the Twitter fan account, some of which are eagerly followed by 100,000s of people. Over the next few weeks we’re going to introduce you to some of the account owners to get the most interesting insider tips, tricks and gossip. First up?

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Name: Ryan W
Account: @TheVampsUKNews
Followers:  65,000

Hi Ryan, when did you set up @TheVampsUKNews? How did it start?
Months ago. It started being a small account then I decided to tweet photos of people meeting The Vamps. It seemed to be gathering more and more followers so I decided to post every form of update.

What type of updates do you post?
I post lots of different updates for e.g photos / videos/ interviews / tour dates and more. I currently work alone. I find my resources off the internet.  I find them out first by being online a lot and searching about them.

You have lots of followers – how did you promote the account?
I promoted / got the followers by doing a few competitions for Direct Messages to The Vamps themselves, and wristbands.


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Do you know any tips for promoting a fan account?
Just make sure you are constantly active and make sure you interact with other fans.

Do you have official links to any of the boys or management?
I speak to management via Direct Messages. One of the managers is from the UK and one of them is a Partner for their American label.

Do any of the boys follow you?
I have 3/4 boys following me and the band but I do have Brad on another account which is a smaller fan account.

Has the account given you any cool or unique opportunities
It has given me a lot of amazing opportunity’s to meet lots of fans from all over the country.

Thanks Ryan. Keep up the amazing work.[/column]

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