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It’s incredible how much the culture of fangirling has evolved in the past few years and it definitely owes thanks to social media for playing a big part of it. 

We’ve seen bands such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer blow up with fame thanks to their dedicated fans spreading the world like wildfire and fangirls even have their own lingo (we totally ship you guys with your bae bc OTP) but now there’s a new craze sweeping the online nation – parodying. We’ve had a chat with a few people who are involved with this virtual sensation to fill you in with all the deets about the newest craze you’ll be seeing across Twitter.

What is parodying?
Parodying is just a cool way of going outside your comfort zone. You get to be yourself but be someone else at the same time, it’s a cool double life thing.

Why have you chosen to parody?
I saw the 1D guys doing & saw that there was a new Luke parody, so I quickly made an Ashton one before anyone else beat me to it, aha! But I also think I just relate to Ashton the best. We have sort of the same personality and we dig the same type of tunes and stuff like that so I knew I wouldn’t have to change who I am to match Ashton because we’re extremely similar.

What made you choose 5SOS to parody?
Well like I said, I had seen there was a new Luke parody so the choice wasn’t too hard & I loved 5SOS and Ashton so I knew it would be fun. And it definitely has been, I have three more brothers now and that’s absolutely incredible to me.

Why do you keep your real identity anonymous?
It just makes things more fun. If people know who you are, they aren’t going to call you “Parody Ashton” or “Parody Michael” etc, & then there’s no point in the account anymore, and people will just lose interest in you.

What does parodying involve?
Realism, continuity, and dedication. That’s probably how you sum it up. Realism in terms of, you can’t talk to people who the person you parody doesn’t talk to. I won’t lie, that was one of the things at the start that I knew was wrong but I just did it anyways, it was one of those things where they would talk to me and I would feel like an absolutely sleaze if I didn’t reply and respect them as parodies. Continuity in the sense that you can’t talk to ten different parodies of the same person. Like I can’t talk to ten different parody Calum’s even though I wouldn’t want to anyways because MY Parody Calum is the BEST! Dedication is simple. you just have to make sure you treat it as a job. Some days you can’t come on or talk to people, you have to make time to make it up to your followers because they love you and you love them. You have to just show them that you truly care about them and you don’t just do it because of the mass following.

How have you become so popular- what do you think the cause behind your popularity is?
I think there are a few reasons. I think we had a pretty great jumpstart by the 1D lads. They are such cool dudes. They genuinely wanted us to succeed and that’s just extremely cool to me. Another reason would be our “infamous” banter. LMAO. I know for me and the others, we don’t try to be funny, we just honestly talk and it’s super entertaining. LOL. Last reason and the MOST obvious is our soundclouds. That’s seriously one of the things I’m most proud of. It was just to make people happy, that was the only reason for it and people have just latched onto it and made vines to it with the real boys’ faces, and it just blew up and it’s so cool to see.

What sort of reactions do you get from your followers- do they treat you like the real 5SOS?
It’s pretty cool how our followers react to us. Like they get excited when they are the first to favorite or RT and small things like that are what make me smile and really happy to be doing this. They do treat us like we are actually 5SOS and that’s the point and it’s quite cool. It’s also cool that they are able to blur the parody lines from reality. Overall, we are just really lucky we have such great followers because they are the reason we are still able to do this and they are the reason why these accounts have become as big as they are.

Some people don’t understand the whole concept of parodying. How would you explain it to those people who don’t really see the point of it?
Well, it’s really just us, doing our best to portray or parody “celebrities”. That’s like the general idea but I think most people’s main purpose is just to make others happy. They just wanna make more people smile, because smiles truly are a beautiful thing. But there are some who aren’t going to see the point of it & that’s fine, it really is, not everybody is gonna like everything, but some people just have the wrong idea about us.

What would you say to people who think you are actually pretending to be and convince people that you are the real 5SOS?
I’d just say read our bios, aha. We clearly aren’t trying to deceive anyone or trick anybody like some other accounts, the point is just to meet people from the fandom and make them smile. I think a lot of people overcomplicate it and they really don’t need to. We don’t do this for anything negative, we just do it for fun and hopefully make it fun for others. That’s all.

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