Instagram just turned into Snapchat: This new feature will change your selfie game forever

It’s a big day for your selfies. The game’s about to change forever.


Obviously, Snapchat has become the absolute boss when it comes to selfies but it looks like Instagram is about to come back for it’s crown.


Instagram has just launched a brand new feature called… Yep, you guessed it – STORIES. It’s almost identical to Snapchat’s stories feature; it’s a collection of everything you’ve taken throughout the day that disappears after 24 hours.


From today (Tuesday 2nd August 2016) you’ll start to see a row of bubbles above your normal Instagram feed. These bubbles are the accounts of all your friends and have every picture and 10 seconds of every video they’ve posted that day. Open a bubble and you can see their story in full.


However, unlike Snapchat, you can tap the left side of the screen and go back to an earlier post. Score one for Instagram.

You can’t double tap these stories (those remain on the regular part of Instagram), instead you can reply with texts which end up in your Instagram inbox.


Now, for the important stuff… FILTERS. There are a couple of cool colour filters on Stories but they’re nothing like the filters you get on Snapchat. There’s no geofilters, no weather stamps and no time stamps either. But Instagram says more features will be coming over time so it’s probably a good idea to stick around but we’d say that’s one point for Snapchat.


If your Instagram account is public, everyone can see your story. If you’re on private, only approved accounts can see it. But in any case, you can swipe up on your story and block anyone from seeing it, just in case you don’t want any extra nosy people watching.


But if there’s a picture you absolutely love in your story that you just have to add to your Instagram page for everyone to see, that’s easy too. Just swipe up, tap the share button and away you go.

These new features sound pretty cool and we can’t wait to play around with them. Do you have Instagram stories yet? Are you staying loyal to Snapchat? We’re dying to hear what you think of these new features so let us know @maximumpop

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