Instagram just introduced the feature we’ve all been BEGGING for and it’ll seriously change your game

Bless up, Instagram. Bless up.

If you’re basic and proud (we are, and we are totally okay with that), you’ve probably spent a good proportion of your life on Instagram. It’s marvellous, isn’t it? Like, where else can you scroll 438 weeks deep into Harry Styles’ life without anybody stopping you? IT’S JUST SO WONDERFUL.

And if you’re one of us (aka those of us who can’t go through a single meal without ‘gramming it), you’ll also know that in its time, Instagram has explored more features* than the Directoner fandom have had dreams about marrying one of the boys (again, guilty)…and that’s A LOT.

*Remember when Instagram had a chronological feed? Nope, us neither.

But the app has just announced a brand new feature which will actually, legitimately change your life. And we’re talking the ‘taking a gap yaah to Indonesia to find yourself’ kind of life changing. Well, thereabouts, anyway.

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According to Twitter, the team at Instagram are currently experimenting with a ‘multiple photo gallery’ feature.

If testing is successful, in the future we’ll all be able to upload several photos to Instagram at once. YAS. That means we can put entire galleries dedicated to Nando’s on there and document our peri-peri journeys from start to finish. Seriously, what more could you want?

Unfortunately, the whole thing is being kept very secret squirrel right now, so we can’t really tell you much more than that. But what we do know is, if you want to upload 892349632 photos all at once and keep your Instagram looking sleek af, you should probably start working on those match-matchy aesthetics right this second.

Oh, and just to make the wait that little bit more bearable, here’s a One Direction Instagram quiz to try. Don’t say we don’t do anything for you ;) 

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