9 inspiring quotes to get you through the New Year slump

Have you made a whole load of New Years resolutions? Sorted out your January TBR? You should be all ready to jump into 2017 with a whole lotta enthusiasm. Yeah, us neither. We want Christmas, blankets, epic movie marathons and buckets of chocolate back too.

These gorgeously inspirational quotes will give you a boost in the right direction. You’ll be dancing into 2017 in no time!

Anne Shirley never fails to look on the bright side.

This one is especially inspiring when you’re having a bad day – there’s always tomorrow.

Queen JK to the rescue.

Oh, and Dumbles too, we guess.

From the Queen of Magic to the Queen of Contemporary YA.

We never fail to find what we need in a Sarah Dessen novel.

Sad, but oh-so-true.

Even thinking about this book still makes us do a little cry.

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Now more than ever.

To others, and to yourself.

The classics know what it’s all about.

Jo March forever.


Those guys you text everyday? Look after ’em.

If it worked for Tris, it can totally work for us.

*heart eyes*

We never tire of Sarah J Maas’ words.


What quotes keep you upbeat when you’re having a bad day? Let us know in the comments below.  

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  1. Pierce Brown would cheer me up any day! His books. Obvs. Gotta love that little runt Sevro.. And even when your heart is being ripped out and stomped all over (the ending of Golden Son, for example) it’s still an uplifting experience because the writing is SO GOOD!

    Also, can never go wrong with a Ron Weasley quote when you’re down.

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