Who the hell is… Indiana? MP! finds out…

In the mood for some brooding, pulsating dance pop? Then look no further that Indiana. The mysterious singer/ songwriter has been bubbling under for a while now, getting loads of coverage on serious*(*translation: boring) music blogs but her music is anything but dull. She has also had a huge plug on Zane Lowe’s radio 1 show, where her newest single ‘Solo Dancing’ was dubbed ‘Hottest Record in the World Right Now’, and she’s even performed for the Queen!

However, its all very well what everybody ELSE thinks but lets get to know this new pop lady and see what makes her tick…

You’ve likened your music to a combination of Robyn, early Madonna and a John Carpenter soundtrack. Does this mean we can expect moody soundscapes with a smattering of huge choruses thrown in for good measure?
“…You can definitely expect some moody material.”

We say… ‘Solo’ Dancing’ – Indiana’s first single proper – does have shades of ‘moody’ at its core but its still something you can definitely dance to. Albeit dancing moodily under moody lighting and looking moody.

You’re very popular with blogs at the moment but would you welcome being a full-fledged popstar down the line?
“I think The XX have it down. They are cool credible artists, they chart, they tour and they have a huge fan base but they aren’t all over the press or swamped by paps when they pop to the shops. Perfect amount of fame.”

We say… Okay we’ll admit it: we do love a good snoop at a pop star from time to time. Keeping tabs on members of 1D or Neon Jungle, checking their Instagram or updating their Twitter every five minutes and the like… but a mysterious pop star is better than no popstar at all.

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with at some point? Would you ever consider writing for other artists?
“I’d love to write for other artists…. (I’d love to work with) Pharrell, Frank Ocean and Michael Jackson if he was alive… gotta dream big”.

We say… We approve of a potential Pharrell collaboration. We approve a lot. However we wouldn’t mind a moody dance number for Katy Perry or Kylie anytime soon either… just a thought, Indiana!

What do you think makes you stand out from the rest of the pack?
“Difficult question to answer without sounding conceited… erm, I’m quite tall.”

We say… It’s no secret that the pop world is filled with vertically challenged popstars. The likes of Bruno Mars, Kylie Minogue and Nicki Minaj – who all measure under 5 6” – have all successfully navigated their way to success despite their height deficiencies. However we would definitely welcome some tall pop stars into the mix.

What can we expect from the album?
“all killer, no filler…”

We say… Sign us up for that please!

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Written by Sally O

The latest member of the MP! team, Sally's busy writing pop gossip and working on her bio right now.

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