The sweetest #ILoveTaylorSwiftBecause tweets that’ll make you cry

So we recently got the devastating news that Tayvin have split up, but it’s OK because it was on good terms and we might get a Taylor Swift album sooner than we think. (Write those heartbreaking hits Tay)

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The Twitter fans of Tay have come to together to trend #ILoveTaylorSwiftBecause, which is by far the nicest trend we’ve ever seen, and the tweets are even lovelier. We cried and you will too. Better grab the tissues because here are 14 tweets that you’ll bawl your eyes out to.

1) Her smile is infectious, bright and beautiful

2) Tay songs touch and affect us in so many ways

3) ‘Fearless’ has changed our lives

4) Taylor is one of the sweetest, most talented musicians ever

5) Never change, Taylor

6) Songs for fans, what a cutie pie

7) Fans are her world

8) She puts her heart and soul into every piece of work, for herself AND the fans

9) She gave us this glorious GIF

10) Tay has always been there for us and she always will

11) This is Tay just summed up perfectly

12) The advice she gives is always life changing

13) She’s caring, kind and SO much more

14) And basically…

Ok, we admit we’re sobbing. All these tweets, and the ones not included have melted our hearts and they sure will make T bawl her eyes out too. Have you joined in on the tweet trend? Tweet us @maximumpop with why YOU love Taylor.

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