22 things you’ll only understand if you grew up in the countryside

Growing up in the countryside is a blessing. No doubt. But let’s be honest, we country bumpkins may be grateful for our beautiful surroundings…

the shire

…while also cursing them for all the little struggles that come along with it. Country livin’ be hard, yo. 1. It’s often called “peaceful”. But is it, really? Have you heard the racket that wildlife can make in the early morning? Maybe you wanted a lie-in, but tweet tweet mother pluckers. It ain’t happening.

beauty and the beast

2. And public transport is a thing of fantasy. Save for that one bus that goes one way… but may not bring you back. Useful.

hocus pocus

3. Green fields: YAY! Ticks and other insect bites: BOO!

the simpsons

4. Meeting up with friends after school? Welp, only if ‘Dad’s Taxi’ is available for pick-up.

cool dad

5. And it took FOREVER to get home from school…

6. …enough time that you could probably knock out all of your homework.

7. But of course you don’t.

8. And you might get off the school bus with ten other classmates, but they were picked up at the stop by parents. To drive another bajillion miles to get home.


9. Tractors.


10. No, srsly. Tractors.


11. And sure, you might be proud of where you come from. But… then there’s this smell:


Slurry. Yum.

12. Sunday? No buses? ‘Rents at work? You’re stranded. Soz.

adventure time

13. There are ZERO people your age within a ten mile radius.


14. And if there is? Well, they’ll become your BFF by default.

15. Or they’ll be a complete douchbag, but you’ll still be mates anyway. Because “options” are a luxury you don’t have access too.


16. If you missed the bus to school you were pretty screwed, because again, “options” isn’t something you have. Accidental skiving ftw.

17. Sheep in road. Slowing your onward journey since the dawn of time.


18. And it’s dark, man. “Winter is Coming” is a serious threat. Where them street lights at?


19. Flooding.


20. Bats.


21. A palpable fear of a thatch roof.


22. Signs that read “MUD ON ROAD” as if it’s a surprise to find it in any other state. Roads aren’t brown where you come from? Witchcraft.


And then all that green grass and clean air and stuff… Who would want that? (Honestly, we wouldn’t change a thing.)

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