Celaena Sardothien on Snapchat?! Here’s 5 things that would definitely happen if the world of Sarah J Maas had wifi

We love the worlds Sarah J Maas has so carefully crafted – both the ‘Throne of Glass’ series and the ‘ACOTAR’ trilogy are out-of-this-world crazy amazing. We’ve already proved we’re the ultimate Sarah J Maas fan and, thanks to that, we’ve been delving deeper into her books…

So obsessed! A few cogs clicked and then the MP! team started wondering what would happen if Celaena Sardothien got her hands on a iPhone 6 Plus with a 4G data plan so, well, we put it to the test and hilarity ensued! Take a peek for yourself:

1. Twitter opportunities like this would not be missed

sjm wifi 1

If there were only one sentence to sum up Celaena, this would definitely be it. We’re pretty sure she’d make it her bio on every social media platform too. What? It’s not like her being an assassin was a particularly well-kept secret.

2. And the group chat would always be lit… with Aelin’s capers and midnight adventures

sjm wifi 2

Safe to say, none of the boys would ever be happy about her solo missions… but at least she text, right? Um, better than nothing we suppose. Waayy better than the nights where she would sneak out and leave her phone charging – much to Rowan’s annoyance.

3. Life would be so much simpler if they could just use Google Maps for every occasion

sjm wifi 3

This would totally work… right? Google knows EVERYTHING, including the hiding spots of ancient, murderous demons. No biggie.

4. And speaking of how much Google knows…

sjm wifi 4

We’re betting it could even tell Aelin how to kill the damn things without getting a spot of blood on her dress. How neat-o. Google really does have an answer for anything you could possibly imagine!

5. And, of course, Feyre would be in on the action too

sjm wifi 5

We’re sure the initial anguish she felt upon waking up in the Spring Court was well documented all over her social media. We know if we woke up in a strange manor house with shapeshifting Fae like Tamlin we’d be starting #prayforfeyre hashtags left right and centre. How did this girl survive?!

What do you think Aelin or Feyre’s favourite social media app would be? Let us know @maximumpopbooks!

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