MP! Reviews: ‘If I Stay’ will dehydrate you.

This week we poodled off to see ‘If I Stay’ want to know what we thought of it? Read on dear friends.


The movie follows a teenager called Mia. She has the most normal life that someone could have. She lives with parents and her little brother in a small town, she has a big passion for classical music, playing her cello and has an amazing boyfriend called Adam, who shares with her the love for music.

A big snow storms comes, giving a free day of school and work, so her family decide to go out and visit some friends, when they have a horrible car accident on the way. Mia wakes up on the snow, she looks for her parents but what she finds is her own unconscious body lying on the floor full of marks right in front of her. She is having a out-of-body experience and has to decided if she stays or leaves her life.


This is one of the most emotional movies I’ve watched this year. You might cry even more than watching The Fault in Our Stars, as the movie shows Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) remembering happy and romantic moments from her past but at the same time, constantly reminding you she is dying.

plushenko retires

That was the whole cinema reaction. Basically.

The story catches your attention since the very beginning! The cast is amazing, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see the sexy Jamie Blackley on a teen drama? And, I have to agree with Chole, it’s the perfect date movie.

Who is excited to see it or has seen it already? Let’s watch the trailer just one more time.


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