9 things that would definitely happen if Hogwarts had wifi

Once upon a time we were all eleven, sitting excitedly at our bedroom window, waiting and praying and HOPING that an owl was about to fly into view with our Hogwarts letter clutched in its beak. Well – that didn’t happen. The MP! team try to make ourselves feel better about the whole Muggle high school fiasco by thanking the gods that, hey, at least we got wifi right?!

Except… what would happen if Hogwarts had the internet too? We put it to the test!

1. Nobody would stand out in the rain to watch Quidditch

hogwarts wifi 1

We know there would definitely be a special YouTube channel dedicated to posting full match video coverage of all the Hogwarts games. Plus, this way is even better – we can skip to the good bits! And, when we inevitably need a loo break, we’re sure not to miss a single moment – because, knowing our luck, if we were actually at the game Harry would catch the snitch just as we were washing our hands.

2. People would text home instead of Owling

Although it would be kind of cool to own an owl… maybe we can have a mobile AND a pretty feathered bird? Then at least we’d never have another awkward encounter in our pyjamas with the postman.

3. Library? What Library? Homework just got one heck of a lot easier!

hogwarts wifi 2

The library is now deserted. Cobwebs hang across the shelves. A book has not been opened in 84 years… okay, maybe we’re being a little dramatic, but with the help of the internet and Google search there certainly wouldn’t be any more late-night trawling through ancient tomes.

4. The indirects between Harry and Draco would be FLYING

hogwarts wifi 3

hogwarts wifi 4


5. Tumblr’s Anon feature would be abused so bad. But could it be useful?

hogwarts wifi 7

Hm, we think not. We doubt the Heir of Slytherin would announce it on their Tumblr TBH.

6. So many of Harry’s plans would be documented absolutely everywhere

hogwarts wifi 6

Not the best plan, eh Harry? Hermione will never stop nagging about his privacy settings.

7. Actually, the trio could just text to make sure nobody is in life-threatening danger instead of immediately charging in

Certain deaths definitely could’ve been avoided this way.. *cough cough* Sirius Black *cough*.

8. Honestly, text messages would’ve helped A LOT

hogwarts wifi 8

Maybe Fawkes would’ve got there quicker if only Harry had time to type out a quick little iMessage.

9. But the one thing you wouldn’t want to miss is Fred and George’s Prank Channel

hogwarts wifi 9

Mr and Mrs Weasley are certainly NOT impressed, but Fred and George would be up there with the YouTube famous. Their prank channel would be a hit at Hogwarts and if you ever happened to be in the background of a vlog, well, you knew you’d made it into the history books.

What would you get up to if Hogwarts had wifi? Let us know @maximumpopbooks!

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