OMG, this is what it would be like if Draco Malfoy had Snapchat

The #1 downfall of being at Hogwarts in the 90s is – duh – no internet. Don’t worry though, we know what would happen if Hermione Granger was a Snapchat queen and now we’ve cracked the password on Draco’s acc too.

Here’s what would happen if Draco was obsessed with Snapchat:

1. At least 95% of his story would be him insulting anyone and everyone


Those darn muggleborns are obviously the reason for Draco being late to class. Everything is their fault. Duh.

2.  And when he isn’t insulting muggleborns, his target is pretty obvious


“Ah, would you look at that. The sun is shining, my broomstick’s gleaming and – ah yes, looks like a perfect day to kick Potter’s ass.”

3. In fact, if you added up the total seconds Harry is on Draco’s Snapchat story you’d be in triple figures less than halfway through the week.




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4. Reminding us all he is infinitely richer than we will ever be


We like the shiny gold one in the middle, Draco.

5. Not even Crabbe and Goyle would escape the bitching


We feel ya Draco, we really do.

6. Seriously, the insults would never stop


Who cares is shiny fireworks are happening above his head right now, Potter looks awful and Draco is sure as hell about to immortalise that online.

7. If being the heir to the Malfoy Gringotts vault falls through, at least Draco will always have his stand up career to fall back on



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Whose Hogwarts Snapchat story would you love to see most? Let us know in the comments.

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