“I’d get my nips out all the time”. Louisa Johnson reveals the secret to her newfound body confidence

She’s no longer on her best behaviour

Louisa Johnson isn’t your typical ‘X Factor’ winner. After taking the crown in December 2015, rather than release an album of covers, she decided to take creative control of her career and kicked things off with a dramatic collaboration with hitmakers Clean Bandit called ‘Tears’.

After she got that smash hit under her belt she then eased us in to the new “not so innocent” Louisa with string-laded pop rock smash ‘So Good’.

We get the lowdown on Louisa’s ‘So Good’ and she introduces us to Little Louisa Junior – her furry little friend

Since releasing ‘So Good’ Louisa has been a busy little beaver, prepping her debut album and being a do-gooder for charity. She’s just release her new single ‘Best Behaviour’ which is available to stream, download – the whole shebang. It’s rather a banger actually, which is nice. We had a bit of a natter with Louisa herself about it:

MP: First of all, could you please tell us about your new single, ‘Best Behaviour’?

Louisa: Yeah! It’s kind of a little bit flirty, but it’s also like really fun and like happy, cute, kind of like you want to be on your best behaviour for someone. The first stages of a relationship when you wanna be on your best behaviour, you know?

MP: Describe the single using three adjectives beginning with S.

Louisa: Beginning with S?

MP: Yeah, why not?

Louisa: Um, sexy, hmm another S word, {laughs}…. Saucy.

MP: Ooh nice.

Louisa: I can’t think of another one {laughs}.

MP: Sultry

Louisa: Sultry, that’s a good one.

MP: And how is it different from your last single ‘So Good’? Is it a similar type of sound or a total curve ball?

Louisa: It’s totally different, really electronic. As I said, it’s quite sexy and ‘So Good’ its kind of like going out with your friends and this is more about flirting and having fun with your partner or someone.

MP: Perfect! So how would you like the single to be remembered in ten years?

Louisa: Oooh that’s a different question. Well I’ve got kind of a sexy song, haven’t I?

MP: Like “Just a Little” by Liberty X.

Louisa: Yeahhh I still love that song.

MP: So you want it to be the “Just a Little” of 2017?

Louisa: One hundred percent, yes!


MP: Fab, I’m sure it will be.

MP: And you are one of the fifteen ambassadors working with the Prince’s Trust and L’Oréal makeup to turn self-doubt into self-worth. What caused you to get involved with that charity and how body confident do you feel?

Louisa: Yeah, I mean, I’ve always been really about body confidence. I’ve never been a 100% confident about my body and I wanted to give out the message that everyone should just be happy with what they’ve got. Of course, you won’t be happy with it 365 days a year, but what you have, you have it for a reason, so you kind of have to just embrace it. Everyone struggles with confidence – from 1 year old to 60 years old so it just really fits with what I stand for.

MP: So, would you say that you are more body confident now than ever?

Louisa: Yeah definitely!

MP: Is that since becoming like a pop star? It’s dog-eat-dog in the pop star world, so how do you manage to like stand up to the negativity and still maintain a positive body image?

Louisa: You’re always gonna get people that want to trample you down one way or another and yeah there are those times when you let it upset you, but then there’s other times when you just think like fuck it like (oh sorry!)

MP: No, go for it, we’ll include that!

Louisa: Yeah you know obviously you’re not gonna be happy with yourself all the time but it doesn’t really matter what other people think as long as you’re really comfortable. That’s why I can’t really deal with the whole outfit thing yeah, because it’s like, you’re not the one wearing it so it doesn’t really matter to me.

MP: Have you ever felt like you wanted to avoid social media because of trolls?

Louisa: No, you know I can’t really come off of it for a reason like that. I think something serious would have to happen for me to leave social media. It doesn’t really get to me. I kind of respond to it maybe in a way that I shouldn’t but I just like to look people in their face and to be honest.

MP: You should become like James Blunt and respond to all the haters with sarcastic comments. It works really well…

Louisa: (Laughs) Yes, very!


MP: And you were working with loads of different stars for the Prince’s Trust campaign. Did you all get to properly chat with each other and is Marcus Butler as hot in real life?

Louisa: Yeah I’ve been working with a lot of people and everyone has their own story which is really nice. I’m not sure if you saw the clips but we all had like a 2-minute clip or whatever about what made us confident in our lives.

MP: And your Marcus Butler opinions?

Louisa: Yeah, he lovely. I’ve literally met him once.

MP: Is he as hot in real life?

Louisa: Um he’s alright… I don’t know.

MP: But he’s not your type?

Louisa: (laughs) No.

Louisa Johnson is no longer blonde and we’re freaking out!

MP: You recently dyed your hair blue. What was behind the change? Is it still blue and is it going to be blue forever?

Louisa: No, it’s not blue anymore, it’s blonde again.

MP: How come?

Louisa: Well it was blue, then it was pink, then now it’s blonde again. I was doing a shoot for my video so I wanted to go back blonde for the video.

MP: We have our Louisa back. Right, one quite topical question we want to ask is whether you think that pop stars should get involved in politics? Certain stars like Lauren Jauregui who have commented on the women’s march and various social issues recently.

Louisa: Of course is it everyone’s right to do that. Everyone has their own opinion, whether they’re like a pop star or not, they can say whatever they wanna say.

MP: Is there like a particular social issue that’s really close to your heart?

Louisa: Not really. I kind of stay out of all that, I’m really just too involved in music {giggles}

MP: Fair enough.

MP: In that case, what is your Harry Potter house?

Louisa: My what?

MP: Harry Potter house

MP: Like Ravenclaw, Gryffindor?

Louisa: I don’t really watch Harry Potter.

MP: {GASPS} First of all, it’s read.

Louisa: {laughs}) I used to watch a lot of Harry Potter when I was 10 maybe, I haven’t watched it since.

MP: Yeah, okay… So is there something that you particularly like to fangirl over – maybe like a TV show, like maybe another artist or musician?

Louisa: Yeah, artists more than anything. Obviously Beyoncé and TV-wise, I don’t really watch it much but when I do, maybe ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ because it is easy TV.

MP: Very true. What is your Nando’s order?

Louisa: Double chicken wrap, plain cause I can’t handle spicy. With mayonnaise, chips with Peri-peri sauce, cucumber and garlic bread.

MP: Wow. Spoken like a pro – hardly any hesitation. And if you were a hat what type and what celebrity would you like to wear you?

Louisa: Oh I wanna be a French hat.

MP: Oh a beret?

Louisa: Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re just pretty cute.

MP: And which celebrity would you like to wear you?

Louisa: Well, I saw Rihanna wear some at the weekend so she can wear me if she wants.

MP: Oh she’s been doing some sick photoshoots in supermarkets lately.

MP: Which three makeup bag items would you want on a desert Island?

Louisa: Lip gloss, eye brow brush and moisturizer.

MP: Those are very practical ones.

MP: If you had to become a real life snapchat filter, which one would you pick?

Louisa: Oh I like the purple lips one. It’s pretty cute.

MP: What is one look that you’ve never gone for that you’re dying to try out?

Louisa: Um, I used to have dark hair, it’s my natural color. I’d love to go dark. I’m just really scared because, getting the blonde back would be very difficult.

MP: You can’t undo that…

Louisa: {Laughs} nope.

MP: And what do you do to waste time? Are you a fan of lyric quizzes because if so, we’ll make one for ‘Best Behaviour’, per requested?

Louisa: Um, yeah why not?

MP: They always do very well, we’ll have you know. Everyone loves a good lyric quiz.

MP: Btw Emma Watson was recently criticized for getting her boobs out in Vanity Fair. People were saying that you can’t be feminist and do a photoshoot like that. They basically, I don’t know if you’ve seen it but it didn’t really show her whole boobs or nipples or anything like that – it just showed like a little bit of underboob. What is your opinion on that?

Louisa: Well, everyone’s got tits. I don’t really get it to be honest. You know boys are allowed to show their nipples, so why can’t we?

MP: That’s very true. How do you define feminism?

Louisa: I think people get it very confused. They think it’s about like hating men, and it’s not about that at all. It’s about like having like equal rights to men. I mean obviously it’s gotten better over the years but you know there are still things that like nipples for example, why are girls’ nipples banned from Instagram and boys’ aren’t. That’s not like exactly fair is it? I’d get my nips out all the time.

MP: …Amazing! Well on that note. Have a really good day and good luck with the single.

Louisa: Thank you! Bye!

Louisa’s single ‘Best Behaviour’ is out to download and stream now. 

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