We texted Icona Pop and discovered that they are total snowman goals and meme queens

I got this feeling on a summer day when you were gone…



If you think you haven’t heard of Icona Pop, you’re dead wrong. No-one could have possibly avoided their party-starting 2013 hit ‘I Love It’… even martians were screaming “I DON’T CARE’ at the top of their voices.

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And since then the Swedish duo have continued to churn out fun, quirky dance anthems at an impossibly fast rate. These Swedes really do hold the key to pop music, don’t they?

Icona Pop just released their latest single from their upcoming second studio album and it’s yet again a massive tune! One listen and you’ll be shouting along to that chorus, “I’LL BE THE ONE TO SHOW YOU THE BRIGHTSIDE!” Catchy AF.

The Icona Pop girls, Caroline and Aino, also worked with Justin Timberlake on the new ‘Trolls’ film. When do they stop? We decided to find out what it’s like to be so awesome by giving them a call, but then we realised it clashed with our Netflix binge so we decided to just text back and forth #casual.

Here’s how that particular convo went…

img_9532 img_9533 img_9534 img_9535 img_9536 img_9537 img_9538 img_9539 img_9540 img_9541 img_9542 img_9543

Ain’t they nice!

Icona Pop’s latest single ‘Brightside’ is out to download and stream rn!

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