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Icona Pop are probably the hottest Swedish duo to hit our airwaves since… erm… ever! Their smash hit ‘I Love It’ has become the soundtrack to many a crazy drunken night out and when we were asked did we want to chat with the pop geniuses we jumped at the chance. 

[column width=half]It feels like ‘I Love It’ has been around for ages, but we still love it! Do you ever get bored of performing it?

We have performed ‘I Love It’ a lot but we don’t get bored of it. The song has such crazy energy and when we perform it, it’s like something just explodes. The audience have their fists up in the air and they are singing along. It’s really cool.

What don’t you love?

We don’t like security at airports, early mornings, haters or people who tell us we can’t do what we want to do.

Is there a lot of pressure to follow up such a huge hit?

We try not to think like that because if we did, we’d go crazy. There will never be another ‘I Love It’. Before ‘I Love It’ we had nothing but we had big dreams. The song has opened so many doors for us and now people listen to us. We are so excited and proud of our new album.[/column]

[column width=half last=true]You guys met at a party and your new album, This Is… Icona Pop, has a strong party feel. What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at a party?

We have been to so many parties and had so many crazy nights, that it’s hard to chose. We were at Coachella about 2 years ago and we slept in an empty pool and stared up at the stars. That was pretty cool.

How did it feel to win two Teen Choice Awards?

Wow! Did we? I didn’t know that. That feels amazing. It’s incredible. Wow!

‘Girlfriend’ is a previous release from This Is… Icona Pop, who is your biggest girl crush?

That’s easy. It’s definitely Vanessa Paradis.

You recently released the video for ‘All Night’ which is one word away from One Direction’s album title ‘Up All Night’. Who is your favourite One Direction member?

To be honest, we don’t know that much about them. They always give great performances and we think, like every boyband, you find a little bit that you love in every member.[/column]

Icona Pop’s album This Is… Icona Pop will be released in the UK on the 28th of October. You also can check out dates and venues for the girls’ Iconic Tour here. Watch their video for ‘All Night’ below, which will be released on the 13th of October:

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