Ian and Shay cover Zayn and talk the end of ‘PLL’. You can bet it got us all kinds of emosh

When Shay Mitchell and Ian Harding get together, we’re guaranteed to have a good laugh. And it just so happens that Shay uploaded the second part of her ‘Under The Blanket’ video with Ian and it offered some real gem moments.


Although we don’t really want to think about it, the two ‘PLL‘ stars discussed the end of one of our fave TV shows and did a little cover of Zayn’s debut single, ‘Pillowtalk’. It was the stuff of actual dreams.

When Shay asked Ian what he’d wish to happen post-PLL, Ian got all cute and, ngl, we shed a tear.

“If there’s one thing that you can wish would happen, I’d want everyone in my cast to have a job afterwards. You want everyone to be super successful and everything, but I just want each of my fellow actors to consistently work.”

Shay gushed about as much as you would expect, but when probed about what he really wants, Ian said millions of dollars. Duh.


“Being healthy, paying my mortgage, travelling a bunch, having side projects. And then also, I’d love to get onto another television show.”

Sounds like a solid plan.

The two then went on to talk about fears and travel destinations before Shay wrapped up the video, forgetting the name of her own YouTube segment.

Talk? Pillowtalk? Under The Blanket? It’s all the same thing.

At 5.55 Ian took the opportunity to belt out a bit of Zayn in a beautiful, albeit eardrum breaking rendition. Watch for yourself. It’s not to be missed.

Oh how we love these two. We’ll miss all the hilarious snaps that Ian finds himself involved in when the show finally comes to an end. If there’s one thing we love, it’s Ian Harding all pouty. Dreamy.

Tweet us @maximumpop if you think you could do a better cover of Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’ and tell us how you’re feeling about the thought of ‘PLL’ being no more.


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