I tried watching only YouTubers for 24 hours and fell totally heart eyes in love

It goes without saying that we love watching YouTubers here at MP! and that, more often than not, we end up watching more videos on YouTube than actual TV. So, really, 24 hours of YouTube wasn’t exactly difficult. What was a little challenging was finding something we hadn’t already seen before. Without making our way through Joe Sugg’s impression videos for the hundredth time, that is.

Love-you-so-much (1)

We decided it was only right that we find someone new to put on our radar and give you the all important recs. Naturally, we fell more than a little heart eyes in love with one guy in particular.

The first on our list was The Michalaks. We’ve actually been watching this cute AF family for a while now, but we missed out on some of their earlier footage when Hannah and Stef’s son, Grayson, was initially born and Hannah’s pregnancy vlogs.


If you aren’t watching this cool fam already, you need to. Not only are they all seriously lovely, honest people, but they go above and beyond to make their weekly vlogs actual aesthetic goals.

We’re also pretty obsessed with Fabulous Hannah’s YouTube channel. You’ve probs already been introduced to her if you watch Gabby’s videos.


We love Hannah’s fashion sense, so her haul videos seriously speak to our soul. She’s also got a pretty bubbly, wonderful personality that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

And finally, where we spent most of those 24 hours… Watching Jack Maynard who is perhaps the most beautiful man we’ve ever had the pleasure of watching on YouTube. He’s got that bad boy vibe and we’re kind of into it.


Jack is actually brother of Conor Maynard and has appeared in a lot of Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee’s vids. But we recommend you scoot yourselves along to Jack’s channel and catch up on his back-log of videos. They’re seriously great. We especially love all the ones he does with Conor and his sister.

We reckon our 24 hours of binge watching YouTubers was a huge success. Sometimes you gotta switch it up from watching Netflix and now we’ve got some new absolute faves.

What YouTubers have you been watching lately? Tweet us @maximumpop and give us your recs.

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