I tried running 10 miles in 3 days… and nearly died

We may be well over halfway through 2016, and the thought of New Years resolutions we knew we’d completely half arse are pretty much a distant memory at this point… But it’s never too late to try and get fit in our personal opinion, even if you’re the sort of individual who sweats just at the thought of getting out of bed. Honestly, same.


But we thought we could afford to lose a few pounds and introduce a bit of exercise into our daily routines. Being a health freak is cool, right? So we decided to set ourselves an almighty task of running 10 miles in three days.


We downloaded a tracking app to record our route and distance, and put on some legit running gear to make us feel the part. The perfect playlist was also high up on our priorities. Upbeat, high-tempo songs were key for keeping us motivated including ALL OF THE GIRL JAMS.


But not even ten metres out of our front door, we started to feel a little like…

kristen wiig snl

And we saw all these other runners not even breaking a sweat, so we tried to focus on our breathing and sustaining a good pace.


We even tried to make running fun (because exercise is decidedly NOT FUN), by taking a leaf out of Phoebe’s book…


But ultimately we could still see our house and yet we were almost certain we were about to pass out on the pavement.


Turns out setting yourself the task of running 10 miles in a week, let alone three days from the offset is a very, very bad idea.

Getting fit and trying to make more time to exercise definitely isn’t a bad thing — obvs. But we’d suggest setting yourself less ambitious targets and celebrating small victories. For your first run, maybe go for a route that is two miles and gradually progress from there. It takes time, especially if you’re lazy AF like us and your daily exercise basically consists of scrolling through your social media feeds.

Eventually you’ll gain a tolerance for running longer distances and won’t spend your entire run repeating the mantra of ‘breathe, breathe, breathe, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE!’

Tweet us @maximumpop with any tips you might have for first time runners. Let’s motivate one another. 💪

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