I tried masturdating and my solo-date was ridiculously empowering

We bet you did a double take on that one, eh? While we might be the Queen of solo-dating, if you’re unfamiliar with the term a masturdate is about taking some time out to treat yo self with a bit of TLC, date or no date.

A while ago we gave you 8 reasons why you should totally start masturdating and now we’re here to put it to the test. What’s a solo-date REALLY like?

1. Making the most of the train ride

masturdate 1

It might only be fifteen minutes into the city from our tiny little village but what better way to spend a peaceful train journey alone than with your current read. Pssh, who needs a date to chat with? Books are the only friends we need!

2. Books books books


Once we’d finally arrived, we decided to start our afternoon of treats with a wander around some bookshops. Asda Living, Waterstone’s, WHSmith, and some cute second-hand bookstores were on our hit-list. Usually we have a friend or two to discuss any possible buys but this time we had only ourselves – and some lovely Twitter recs to go on. We have to admit though, it was quite relaxing! And there was nobody to judge us for our Waterstone’s splurge.

Check our our goodies:


3. Who needs a partner to have cute underwear? Not us


Our next stop, to truly make the most of this solo-date, was underwear shopping. Victoria sure ain’t no secret where we’re concerned. Who says you have to be in a relationship to wear cute bras anyway? We’ll rock this whether we have a man or naahht.

4. Table for one, please

masturdate 2

Feeling a bit peckish, we decided to up the ante on our masturdate and head for some food. This was more than a little nerve-wracking, given we’d never been in to eat anywhere by ourselves more formal than McDonald’s before, but we held our head high and walked into the local Pizza Hut searching for some tasty garlic bread and a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

We were so surprised at how at ease we were to be sat across from an empty seat. More than anything, we expected EVERYBODY to be staring at us but nobody really gave us a second glance.

No need to justify our solo meal-for-one at all. It was strangely… freeing?

We read a bit of our book and ate and caught up with some friends online before treating ourselves to a lovely Brownie-dough dessert, which was like heaven on a plate. We’re fairly certain we pulled an Emma Stone:

So, what did we learn?

We finished the evening feeling empowered as hell. We’d been to the cinema alone before, and shopping by ourselves, but mastering the meal for one? GO US!

Taking time out for yourself is one of the best things you can do. Sure, it’s fun to hang out with friends, but you can also spend quality time with yourself too because heck, if you don’t love your own company what – is – up?!

Don’t let anybody tell you doing things alone is sad or weird. We’re here to tell you we’ve done it and NOBODY IRL CARES! And if you stumble across somebody who is going to call you out in public or give you dagger-eyes across the restaurant for sitting alone, feel comfortable knowing you’re one step ahead of them and infinitely more awesome.

So below is us, celebrating successful me-time after our meal. HELL YES!


Think you’ll take on masturdating? Tweet us your solo-dates @maximumpop so we can cheer you on!

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