I tried making edible glass and missed one crucial detail…

Edible glass. It sounds mad but it’s totally a thing. Why do you need it? Well, to eat, obvs. But also to make your instagram photos look TOTALLY BLINGING of course, without the risk of cutting your hands up on real glass.

Looks cool, right? It’s shame this isn’t the glass that was made. Not the first time, at least. Because the first time? Stuff went a bit wrong.

What will you need? Welp, most online recipes say this:

340g sugar
113g corn syrup
133ml water
a baking tray and baking paper


What’s corn syrup? Not a clue. But the UK equivalent is apparently golden syrup and I had a ton of that. First step? Line the tin with some baking paper or you’ll never get the finished product back out. I also sprayed it with a bit of oil too. For luck.


So in goes the sugar into a reliable saucepan.


With the golden syrup and the water.


Then boil the heck out of it while stirring. There’s no real test for when it’s “done” unless you want to get technical with a food thermometer. So I just kept it boiling until it dripped off my spoon and stayed sticky on the paper.


Into the tray it goes! And then you wait. Leave it on the side until its cool enough to go into the freezer. It doesn’t HAVE to go in the freezer but it speeds things along.


TA-DA! Ok. So at this point I could lie and SAY that I meant it to be beer bottle brown. But that was not the case. I was aiming for clear, you know, like proper glass. However, silly me, didn’t realise that the BROWN syrup I was putting in the mix would make it BROWN in the end.


Still… It looks hella cool. And what’s more?




It looks even cooler smashed up.


And it IS see through like glass. So I’m calling it a success. Plus, it tastes AMAZING. Of course it does, it’s sugar. But trust, it’s the perfect autumn snack.

You CAN add colour to it once its boiled. Any food colouring should work, but making clear edible glass is a different ball game altogether.

Would you give it go? Tell us in the comments below! 


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