I tried making a bullet journal to solve all my organisational issues!

The Bullet Journal has been knocking around for a short while now, and every time someone mentions it either online or in RL it seems to be solving all of their problems. All of them. Ever.


A DIY journal method  that will immediately make your life better? We’re down. But how easy is it to make, actually? And is it as glorious as those folks on the Twitters says it is? Let’s find out.

The go-to accessories for all my organisational needs are a strong mixture of Trello and a bog standard week-to-page diary. But I’m always searching for something that works that much more fluidly. And trust when I say I’ve tried and tested a heck of a lot of planner/scheduling apps on my phone to very mixed results.


The Bullet Journal calls itself ‘the analog system for the digital age’. And it promises to ‘teach you to do more with less’. I’m ready for this to happen.


First things first? A notebook. And sure you could go buy yourself a proper legit Bullet Journal (called ‘The Notebook’) but I’m not that committed yet. Maybe once I’m fully enamoured with this system I’ll buy a truckload of them. But for now?


I’m going with one of the MANY notebooks I have squirreled away for that “special occasion” that never comes. This one was a gift from a friend. She’ll be glad I’m finally using it.


I also decided that one with easy to tear out pages would be good for someone like me: Prone to mistakes. Would also strongly recommend an erasable pen! (Also, if you take a fancy to my Adventure Time desk tidy, I wrote a post about how to make one right here) So, getting started:


First I made an INDEX page to list where each page is, and then, pictured above, is the FUTURE LOG. This is like an overview of the next six months.

I then set up my monthly log:


Aaaand the daily log:


All with page numbers written in the index for easy finding later! Also, something that I had to write down to help me remember at first:

Dots mean a task.
Circles mean an event.
Dashes are notes.
If it’s important then you put a * next to it. Bosh.

And that’s the core of how the Bullet Journal works. Simple, quick to use and easy to modify. But I know from what I’ve seen online that there is SO MUCH MORE you can do with it.

If you’re a bit of a stationery nerd, like me, then this is definitely going to excite your bones. And seeing others excel at Bulletjournalling makes me want to weep… but also pop out to buy new pens:


And that seems to be the absolute beauty of a Bullet Journal. You don’t have to be Picasso. And you sure as hell don’t have to share it with anyone else but yourself.

This was my attempt at getting a little artsy with it:


It’s amazing how a few boxes and lines can transform the space (and make you feel like a total boss at this). Because you can literally make this journal about anything you want it to be. Work, school, life, dreams, shopping lists, reading progress…


Do I think it will be useful? Definitely. I’ve already felt the need to reach for it when something has popped in my head. And there is something so satisfying about the fact that it is a paper copy of things I need to do, stuff I want to do, and lists of books, films, food. Notes for later. Anything goes.


Will I continue to use the Bullet Journal? Without a shadow of a doubt. The possibilities are literally endless.

Are you already a Bullet Journal fan? How do you use yours? Tweet us @maximumpop

You can catch the basic tutorial for setting up your Bullet Journal right here.

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