I tried going from work to night out in 1 minute… and it was weirdly wild

Have you ever been in the sitch where you’re dressed for a normal day – be it work, school, anything – and suddenly everyone’s like. LET’S GO OUT!



Well, unfortunately I’m dressed like a potato so I can’t really.

But they push, and push, and suddenly you find yourself with no time at all to get from average day gal to night-time warrior in a matter of moments.



I’ve had this happen WAY too many times, so I decided to test it out properly – but this time, with just one minute to spare. UNO MINUTO. THAT’S RIGHT.

Will I look different? Will I look going OUT out ready? Or will I just look like a mess who did her make-up in 60 seconds and failed miserably? LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Before I take the plunge, the army that’s backing me up for this challenge are these – MAC lippy, a contour kit, an eye-shadow palette and two brushes. I know. Can this selection of bangin’ products do the trick?






You don’t really realise how quick one minute is. But with the right tools, it don’t bloody matter.

I banged the Naked Palette eyeshadow kit in my hand, and whipped on the colour YDK all over the lid. No messin’ about.

Then, I turned to a rapid contour on the cheeks. Contour kits mean you can do everthing SUPER quick, and I just whacked a dark brown under my cheekbones and a bit round my head. NO. MESSIN’. ABOUT.

Finally, I whacked on some dark lippy (MAC’s Whirl) for a bit of added impact. I would not wear any of these shades in the day, and I think that’s the trick – GO DARK. GO DIFFERENT. GO GLITTERY. GO HARD YO’


Literally, all in a minute I was ready to rock. I take 23424534 gazillion years normally, but here we are. Obviously taking a selfie where I’m kissing the floor. OBVIOUSLY.

Galz – IT CAN BE DONE! Always whip these things in your bag and you’ll be good to go ANYWHERE. WILD RIGHT! Unless you aren’t really that bothered. You could just go out how you are. Let’s all just calm down.

Would you do your make-up in a minute? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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