I listened to K-pop for 24 hours and now I’m basically fluent in Korean

I’ve always been intrigued by K-pop. It seemed to be a massive hype that hit the Western world like a tornado and everybody got swept up in it. The whole East Asian culture has really impacted us with anime, manga, cosplay and K-pop. There’s even conventions dedicated to them in the USA which attracts thousands.

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I decided to give K-pop a try as it seemed everyone was talking about it. I needed to understand the hype! So, I headed off to good ol’ Spotify in search of the perfect K-pop playlist and this one caught my eye.


So far, the songs are proper bops! I wasn’t too sure what they were singing but sometimes they’ll throw a little English in there which is nice. All the artists/groups have different sounds too, which is cool. Girls’ Generation gives off a more R&B kinda vibe, where as TAEYEON is like a sweet pop sunset.


I thought i’d move onto YouTube now because I had heard that K-pop music videos are the best and tbh they are. There’s so much going on and they’re so elaborate, crazy and just plain amazing. ‘Chewing Gum’ by NCT DREAM is incredible. There’s unicorns, lollipops and emojis.

Girls’ Generation is one of the biggest girl K-pop groups, they’ve sold the most albums this decade out of all the girl groups worldwide. That means they’ve beaten Little Mix and Fifth Harmony to the top spot and it’s clear why. Also, I realised there is an insane amount of members, how am I suppose to choose a fave?!

I’ve found my calling. If i’m to stan any K-pop group, it’s these girls. They give off a badass, girl power vibe and they sound and look cool af. BLACKPINK are like the K-pop version of Little Mix.

I strayed a little and had a cheeky listen to a J-rock band called ONE OK ROCK and let me tell you, they rocked my life. ‘ONION!’ has suddenly become the theme tune to my life, even though I can only make out “Life is like an onion”. They even have an English album too if you’d like to check it out.

One of the main things I realised is that there’s SO much choice. In Western music, there’s only a few major pop groups like One Direction, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. With K-pop there’s a never ending parade of pop acts, there’s someone you’re going to like! Girls’ Generation, f(x), BIGBANG, Sistar, 2NE1, and EXO are just a few to name.

I’m not a complete convert to the K-pop side, mainly because I just love lyrics so much and I don’t understand everything they’re saying. However, the music is SUPER catchy, you have to give K-pop a few tries. I totally understand why people love it so much and I’ll deffo be giving a listen to some more of BLACKPINK’s music. #newfan


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