I tried listening to heavy metal for 24 hours. My parents will never forgive me.

After learning why we love pop music so much, I thought i’d join in on the MP! experiment. So by forcing myself to listen to heavy metal for 24 hours, I might become a headbanger.

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I actually thought i’d be throwing myself into drum bashing, guitar smashing and hardcore screaming. That’s actually death metal and metalcore and it’s very scary. There’s a bunch of sub-genres in heavy metal, but I thought best to stick with the classics and icons like Metallica, Black Sabbath and Guns N’ Roses.

I started myself of nice and easy with a classics playlist I found on Spotify and pretty much stuck to songs I had briefly heard before. Some of them aren’t really heavy metal, ‘Sunshine Of You Love’ by Cream is tame af and heavy metal is not as near aggressive and intimating as you think it is. Seriously, any pop lover can bop along to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses.


I ventured into other bands I hadn’t listened to but the distorted guitars started to give me a headache after a while, I needed some damn good pop in my ears but I pursued on to finish the task at hand. Not only was the music getting to me, but my mother was going insane too. She loves reggae and hates guitars, she even threatened to blast out ‘Buffalo Soldier’ aka my worst nightmare. I’m not a big reggae fan.

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Honestly, I could totally get down with some of these! I’ve even added a cheeky couple onto my main playlist. I wouldn’t listen to it on the daily but it’s nice to dabble around with new music. If you like yourself some guitar pop then dip your toe into some heavy metal playlists on Spotify and see for yourself. I am off to listen to Taylor Swift and One Direction though. #pop4life

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